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After Seeing 6 Doctors, I Still Don’t Have a Diagnosis

After Seeing 6 Doctors, I Still Don’t Have a Diagnosis

I’ve been to my MD., then the ENT, a Neurologist, a GI Dr. for the stomach problems I’ve had for years. A different ENT Dr, and the new Neurologist.

My voice is deeper and very slurred. I have no control over my mouth muscles. Therefore, I do everything I can not to talk on the phone. You can’t imagine what it’s like not to be able to pronounce words you’ve been saying your whole life. When I eat I have to pretty much stick to soup. I choke every day, on water more than anything. A lot of times I’ll take a little drink from my bottled water and I choke on it! I also have drooling, which is so embarrassing! That happens just when I talk, and always when I eat.

My breathing is another issue that just started a week ago. All of a sudden it feels like I can’t take oxygen in. All of a sudden it just feels like something is in there stopping the breathing.

Back in January, 2016, I had Deviated Septum surgery. The Ear, Nose and Throat doctor told me I would be so much better. He said I have the worst case he’s ever seen. So I was so excited to get that fixed. And guess what? The surgery did absolutely nothing!

I can’t move my tongue around and go over my lips. And I can’t get my lips together, ya know, for lipstick. When I take a pill it gets stuck in my throat, so I have to take a very small bite of something so it’ll go down. I cut the pills in half now, but it still does it.

I’ve had a lot of tests. The MRI was first, that was for my brain. They thought I probably had a mini stroke. But it came back, negative. All the tests I've had don't show any problems.

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