dyslexic teachers in Leicester, who don't charge the earth

hello all,

hope that there is some one out there that can help. I am an adult with dyslexia both in maths and English, i would welcome 1-2- lessons and would be willing to pay, and travel within reason, please help a good cause, i am trying to do GCSE maths and English, which i need to progress onto a teacher training course, i am not a quitter, i am determined to make my dream come true of becoming a teacher, but need help on these subjects , just send me a message if you can help or know of anyone that can help

kind and sincere regards

Pauline simpson

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  • Hi there is a lady in Sharnford Leicester called Steph Brincat. I have used her and can recommend. Let me know if u want her number

  • hi austinsmrs, that would be most helpful if you could provide her number, steph, many thanks.

    kind regards

    Pauline Simpson

  • hi there do you have the contact number for steph brincat please

  • It's 07818 224787

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