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12 years at a Dyslexic School and still could not read and write - after 2 hours he could

The reason I am posting this is that this Bobby has been given the wrong advice and training for 12 years due to the fact that some of the Dyslexic Teachers follow a strict "normal" English learning pensum.

Dyslexic can not manage this - to much information.

You need to handle 5 elements as a Dyslexic to make it. The rest comes later.

1 - Read everything with your ears from a foto or text

2 - Write with your voice in all applications

3 - Swap between languages - auto translation (communicate)

4 - Admit that you can read and write and wait for the change in your confidence

5 - Now you will develop the interest to learn more

Forget about the rest. It will come to you when you are ready.

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comic books helped me.

of course, just the practice of reading helped too.

as did learning to type...


I am living in Denmark so I do free remote training. Skype Flemming DK mail fa@mobile112.dk So far over the last 10 years I have trained about 1,300 and they all have a job a happy life a nice family and many have upgraded their jobs


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