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How to…Navigate the changes in special educational needs and disability (SEND) provision

To parents and carers who have children with dyslexia at school.

Have you discovered Dyslexia Action's new Special Educational Needs guide for parents with dyslexia?

This free online resource has been specially written for parents and carers to help them understand the SEN support that they should expect from their school and explains the changes in Special Educational Needs, as from September 2014. The online document, aimed at those who support children with literacy difficulties including dyslexia, is already being welcomed by parents and likened as ‘gold-dust’ by one.

The ‘How to…Navigate the changes in Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision’ guide, highlights the new legal requirements that schools and colleges have a duty to follow in England, under the ‘SEN and Disability Code of Practice: 0-25 years’ and what this means for children with special educational needs. It relates to the Children and Families Act which was passed through parliament in March, 2014.

Included in the guide is information on:

What is changing in relation to Special Educational Needs and Disability

Education, Health and Care Plans

How a Local Offer should help

What should happen if a child is assessed as being disabled by their dyslexia

Who will receive a Personal Special Educational Needs Budget

If dyslexia is identified what approach should be taken by the teacher

What parents can do if they are not happy with the support their child receives

Useful contact details for other organisations that can offer helpful advice and/or support, besides Dyslexia Action.

Dyslexia Action's Registered Office can be contacted on: 0300 303 8357

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Hi this looks really good. We had a letter home from school saying there was nothing to worry about but that there were changes on the way. Could you give me the link to the document as I couldn't see it on the webpage.




Hi Ed

Thank you. The following will take you to the page where you can download the free Parents/Carers' Guide:

Best regards

Dyslexia Action



That's great thank you. A bit of light reading before the start of term next week!



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