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Are you a parent or carer of a child with Dyslexia? Please answer my study questionnaire on their education experience. thank you :)

I am exploring the vital relationship between children with Dyslexia, their caregivers and their teachers. I believe that the effective relationship and communication between teacher and parent is vital for the motivation and resilience of children with Dyslexia. Please help with my study. surveymonkey.com/s/Children...

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My father worked for a company in his first job that was owned by 2 Dyslexic. I am 59 years old. My father could prepare me mentally and developed a method for me to read an write and then reached the teacher to use this method. I handle 7 languages have 3 educations also a Master and and MBA and I am very Dyslexic. I do not know if you can use this.


I filled it in, but there was no room for NA such as when no siblings. Also my child is only at school one day a week and is home educated the rest of the time and infact this is just about to change and she does not want to go to school at all. Being at school pushed her to go at their pace and highlights her struggles whereas at home we can go at her pace. Other children comment on her writing difficulties and make her feel low self esteem, but at home she is bright and interesting and has fab ideas, but these are not recognised at school. I feel I know more about dyslexia and strategies to help her than any teacher let alone classroom assistant. My daughter describes school as like one of those tight dresses victorian women had to wear whereas home is like wearing a flowing comfy dress. She is 8 yrs


Hi Figgy1,

How are you? I hope fine. Yes I am a parent with two sons with dyslexia and I am dyslexic myself. I have this condition all my life but it doesn't stopped them or me to achieve good education. If most parents work closely with their children they can recognise the issues and get help early. I recognise my sons learning condition at the age of four and I monitored their learning and make sure that they were tested by educational psychologist at age 7. This is costly but if one want the best for their children they just have to save up the money and get it down. Being dyslexic don't mean we are stupid of worthless it mean we sometimes get words, sequences, numbers and reading black and white may be difficult. We are not stupid we just different in the way we learn. If your child has dyslexia please be patient with him or her and support them in the best way you can. Most local authorities don't want to test children at age seven , through it better you know that your child have this difficulty in order to support hem with their learning.

I don't know if this make any sense to you but I wishing you all the best in whatever decision you make.


My son is dyslexic as are my wife and I. It has never stopped us achieving anything. I believe that if you believe in your child's ability and push them to achieve then they will. Knowing about the dyslexia just means that you are able to adjust things to give the right coping methods. The relationship between parent/carer, child and teacher is critical as a good relationship means that communication is good and you are able to help a child develop their full potential.


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