Oh dear

Don't be so daunted by the title all is not to bad. The magazine will be going to my key worker on the 14th, so it should deffo be released by the end of August. I also have a problem does anyone know if there is a way for a claim to be processed quicker? Reason I'm asking I had a job in the middle of June and I was paid off after the first week because I was to slow. I filled the forms in a week later to make a new benefits claim and because I ticked the wrong box I have to fill in another form which still is yet to come, it means I have gone without money since June and it looks like it is going to be September by the time I get paid, is there a way to speed the process up? or has anyone got any advice they can give me please? :D

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hi if u phone the job center u can get a criss loan which could help you they will give you the number