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I am 45 Yr. Old diabetic since 7 Years from delhi. Recently Hba1c=10.00, while KFT is perfectly o.k. , what does it mean

Am I o.k. or not.

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Very high HBA1C?

Do LCHF diet.

Do u take any medicine?

What's your fasting and random after 2 hours


this is an article on HbA1c that may explain more


HbA1c is a longer term indicator of glucose levels in the blood so implication is that your levels are consistently higher than they should be.


You need to discuss medical matters with a health professional.

Whilst your kidneys seem to be functioning okay currently, you are running the risk of complications from consistently high blood glucose.

Halve your carbohydrate intake and adjust your insulin accordingly. Eat paneer, cheese, eggs, heavy cream, avocado, olive oil, and coconut/nuts (watch carbohydrate content) instead.