diabetes and hypertension are no longer diseases except if you are not serious to get healed. just use pineapple vinegar please.!!

25mls at all meal times,ie breakfast,lunch and supper for 2weeks are enough to correct your conditions

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  • Hallo sabimana, thanx for that but can one make own soothie of pineapple and vinegar? or can find already prepared stuff.

  • Hi Sabimana,

    How does this concoction help me with my type 2 diabetes?

  • Dear Sabimana,

    Please show me how to prepare the pineapple vinegar so that I can start at once!!

  • Hi Sabimana,

    Is pineapple vinegar available in shops just like apple vinegar?

    How do I lay my hands on PINEAPPLE VINEGAR?

    Waiting to hear from you soonest.

  • Dear Sabimana, Thank you for your contribution. Kindly show me where I can get hold of your recipe. Waiting to hear from you.

  • So, Sabimana, when shall we see your response to the above questions, please?

  • Benefit of Pineapple Cider Vinegar :

    Anti-oxidant / Improve resistant of free radical to reduce risk of cancer

    Reduce risk of cancer, From the research discovered bromelain enzyme in pineapple be able to protect increasing breast cancer, large intestine and ovary.


    Anti-aging / Improve epidermis

    Reduce risk of heart disease and blood vessel

    Reduce risk of diabetes / decreasing cholesterol and lipid in blood vessel

    Relieve deteriorate of bone / tissue / epidermis and disease of nerve

    Relieve headache / knee ache and Gout

    Relieve kidney stone / gallstone and improve urology to be normal

    Increasing immune system and adjust equilibrium of body

    Reduce high blood pressure

    Increasing efficiency of digestion system / Improve food absorption and reduce gastroesophageal reflex disease

    Loss weight without side effect

    Increasing sexuality / improve erectile dysfunction without side effect

    Adjust equilibrium of Acid and Alkaline salt in body / regular menstrual period

  • Just like what others have asked, where can we find the pineaple vinigar?


  • why is Sabimana quiet? comeon yaar, share and get some blessings from above. I eat pineapples alot as my sugar does not shoot up so high as when i take other meds.

  • sorry as when i take other fruits

  • Hello sabimana am in kenya, residing in Nairobi, where can i get ready prepared pineapple vinegar within my country?

  • Hello sabimana are you sure of what you saying,or you are trying to make fun and if it's true when are you responding to this questions. i am in uganda and can i get this pinapple vinegar,can i check in the suppermarkets.

  • Hello Sabimana I am in Kenya and we have plenty of Pineapples here. How do I make my Pineapple Vinegar mixture. Should I mix Vinegar with Pineapple juice or just the fruits. What ratio should the mixture be. How do I take it or in other words what quantities do I take of the mixture and how many tomes a day?? Which Vinegar should I use?? I am worried because you are not answering questions.

  • read from internet "" how to make pineapple vinegar you will be helped. thanks

  • just like others where does one get the stuff-pineapple vinegar

  • OK FELLAS, chop up the pineapple,add afull bottle of apple vinegar, cover the stuff for 3 full days,drain then boil and be taking 125ml 3 times a day for 2 weeks.POST THE RESULTS!

  • The recipe in WIKIHOW requires addition of sugar. How does this help?

  • i cant seem to find pineapple cider vinger, can i use the readily available apple cidr vinger

  • can I get pineapple vinegar at the supermarket or should I make it my self help us to help others and our self as well


    from Dodoma tanzania

  • tell me how to prepare pineapple vinegar locall. I neet the stuff very badly

  • Guys: Those of you who want to make their own pineapple vinegar in a straight forward way should go to:http://feedyourskull.com/category/techniques/.

  • thanx

  • Folks,There are any number of home remedies for diabetes and hypertension.Trying these home made medications may some times result in problems for you because if they do not work,you will pay the price.So,depend on a medical doctor for treatment of your condition and keep monitoring at home.You may consume some thing like pineapple vinegar because it is a food item and so harmless.But you cannot depend totally on something like that.You can not take chances with diabetes and hypertension.

  • where do I get pineapple vinegar to buy, or how is it prepared? Please reply with dispatch.

  • I have Diabetic nephropathy. If you have kidney disease you should avoid acid foods of any kind. Vinegar is acetic acid and pineapple is not only acid but high in sugar. When you have a chronic illness you should not be trying quack remedies.

  • Try

    omnomally.com/2014/02/16/ho... or

    edibleaustin.com/index.php/... or

    Just google pineapple vinegar recipe.

    No idea if its any good. This is not a recommendation

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