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Kid scared to visit Dentist

Every parent should take their kids to the dental clinic from the small ages itself. I didn't take my first kid to any dental clinic at her small ages. As a result, she is dental phobic now. She was really scared to visit the dentist. She is 9 and she had cavities from eating chocolates and sugary snacks. She is scared to visit one. So as per my friend's suggestion, I took my kid to a dental consultation in Waterloo ( smiletown.ca/treatment-info... ). It took me more than two days to convince her to go and visit the dentist. The doc we met was really experienced. She was gentle and made my kid, brush and corrected her brushing style which I am sure will really help my kid. I would suggest every parent take their kids to a dental clinic where there is special children's dentistry which can really help in your child's oral health. Preventative dental care at home and at the dentist is always good.