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How do I remove a tonsil stone embedded under the skin?

So I went to the doctors with a yellow lump on one of my tonsils and was told it was a tonsil stone, which I've never had before. It's really visible and quite large and right towards the back of my throat. My doctor suggested that I can try and remove it myself but it won't budge! I've tried gargling salt water, pushing it with a q-tip and my finger and nothing happens. I've tried getting it out for about a week for hours at a time and eventually have to stop because it frustrates me or because there's blood everywhere! I've read that you're supposed to push on the crypts of the tonsils and they should pop out but this one won't. I don't even know what crypt it's coming from its literally like its embedded in there and doesn't budge or break up at all and just feels rock hard. It's got to the point where it's frustrating me so much with a constant sore throat and today I have ear pain which I've read can be caused by tonsil stones. Does anyone have any suggestions at all before I ring back at the doctors and get them to take it out (which I don't want because I'll be gagging all over the place!). Also, am I now more likely to get them in the future? Thanks!

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Hi , I’m having this same problem. Do you ever get this resolved or checked? Was it a stone with skin frown over it? Advice please thanks.


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