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Root Canal After Filling

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Hi, I'm from Lexington. I'm having a toothache for a month and I visited a nearby dentist. He examined my mouth and found that one tooth is decaying.

Unfortunately, the infection already spread to the nerves and I need root canaling. But what's even worse is that I already had a filling in the tooth that needs root canaling. Because of that, the dentist said it's a little complicated and suggested a clinic that provides oral and maxillofacial surgeries in Lexington( )

Later I went there and they are saying there is nothing to worry about and it's not that complicated. They even explained how they are gonna do it. They will drill a hole at the top of the tooth and then they will do the root canal through the hole. Then the hole will fill with a tooth coloured restoration.

But still, I'm not fully convinced. Is it a really painful and complicated procedure?

Has anyone here experienced this?

Kindly share your thoughts.

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I would not worry about it being painful as modern anesthetics are really good.