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New Member - Bone Conducting Aid

Hi Everyone. I've been wearing BTE hearing aids for almost 40 years. I've had ear infections for several months now and am about to be fitted with a bone conducting aid to give my ear canals a rest. I'm a bit apprehensive about the new aid (appearance, quality of sound and discomfort) and also whether a BAHA is inevitable. Keen to hear other peoples experiences in a similar situation. Cheers

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Sorry being new to this what is a BAHA please?


Bone anchored hearing aid. You have a stud implanted like a piercing into your skull and then the hearing aid attaches to that.

I have one for single sided deafness so it sends the sound from my deaf side to my good side using my skull as a ear drum. Still not as good as two ears but better than one.


Thank you.


It is all so confusing having been thrust into this semi-silent world just over a week ago. Any input or advice would br very welcome. (Read my introductory post.) Thank you all.


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