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Hearing testing

I'm new to site. When audiologist tests hearing, can they establish deterioration of the inner ear positively ? I read this is generally not able to be reversed, so it will play a big part in the decision to spend money on a hearing aid if this is known prior to purchase.

Can anyone help please ? Many Thanks,


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Hi. Yes an audiologist can test your hearing accurately.

If you have a nerve deafness (sensorineural) or a conductive loss (probs with middle ear, eardrums etc) they will be able to guide you with what systems, if any, will be able to help you.

The Outside Clinic are a private company but are contracted to the NHS so they can give you the right advice without just simply trying to sell you something.

Call them on 0800 85 44 77 to arrange a free hearing test appointment in your own home.



Your question has already been answered by the previous reply however I am a little disappointed at the advice you have been given promoting one provider.

The outside clinic are a contracted provider on some NHS adult audiology contracts alongside other providers and they all have to meet the same criteria. If you want NHS provision your first port of call should be your GP to discuss what options are available to you locally. Not all providers are available on all contracts. And apart from a very small amount of contracts a 'self referral' option is not open to you so therefore contacting the provider direct will not enable you to get NHS provision.

If you want to purchase aids privately there are a number of providers in the market place and I would suggest you have a good look about, do some research on not just price but ongoing aftercare and support, ease of location etc for you personally.

Good luck and don't feel pressurised into making decisions.



Another very useful reply.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. It certainly opens up the field to my way ahead.



Top man! Excellent reply David.


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