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Domes to earmoulds

Hi all,

On Friday I'm getting some new hearing aids, my audiologist has decided I would be better with earmoulds this time rather than open fit domes that I've always had.

Never had moulds before and not sure what to expect, I'm know I'm gonna lose how discreet my aids have been but really unsure as to how they are going to feel in my ears.


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In the ear are actually much less visible if that's what you want. I have both, I'm to Deaf for them to help me and that's been the case since I was 14yrs old. I prefer to bling them up so people CAN see them because I'm sick of people assuming I'm rude and ignoring them when in fact I can't hear them when they're not in front of me to lip read. x


Hope your appt went well and you get used to your new hearing aids


Went well thanks, new aids are great, earmoulds feel odd though, weird sensation tho I'm sure I'll not notice them soon enough.


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