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Can anyone help with how to cope with this debilitating,painful condition? Been to gp had ct scan ...all say there's nothing wrong ...the pain is sharp and nagging can't sleep tried decongestant remedies,Hopi ear candles, Neti pot nasal wash,nasal spray, steam inhalation ,antibiotics...nothing helps its driving me mad.

Got flu at moment is bed for last 2 days, so facial pain is even worse.HELP


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sorry i wish i could help - i had a few of those sharp pains and they fcked me up alot but then they passed - what did i find well - organic lemons each day a spoon fool helps with alot of the stress and puts air (or Oxygen back into your system) which helped to re balance the sharp pains - lemons gotta be organic and mashed in a liquidizer then you got the whole lemon - its been known for years that lemons this way help with the oxygen in your body that gets lessened with stress and and the flu big time worth a pound at tescos for sure .. hope this helps sorry for the late reply thast one spoonfull twice a day if you cant liquidise them then cut them into slices and then cut the slices into segments and they easy to swallow - i promise you one thing 10 years plus now and aint had the flu either worth it jsut for that each day


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