Cochlear Implant tests

Hello, I'm 40 and have worn bilateral hearing aids for over 20 years. My Audiograms have been in criteria for a Cochlear Implant for over 5 years but I score too high on the speech tests (BKB) in a soundproof room. For anyone not familiar with this, if you hear over 50 % of "the boy kicked the ball" then NICE decide you hear too well with your hearing aids. I'm sure most of you have the same frustrations with background noise, but this isn't taken into any consideration how you cope in the real world. I started a petition on to try to get NICE to review this. Please read the information, sign and share if you agree, this affects many people as you will see in the comments - thank you for reading

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  • Done it ;)

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  • Signed. My mum has a cochlea implant

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