First posting on here:- I am registered deaf/hard of hearing with 80% loss in both ears following a nasty virus 5 years ago. I struggled with analogue hearing aids. Now thankfully have digital ones, nhs too, from Switzerland. But I still struggle in spaces where there are lots of people, lots of noise e.g. Local carvery restaurant. The noise goes into one big blur. Then friends shout even louder. So I take my hearing aids out for peace and cannot follow any conversation. Then they think I am rude. Does anyone else have this problem? Have you found any hearing aids that help? Thanks.

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  • Hi there, sorry to hear you are struggling. Are there different settings on your hearing aid that would help in different settings? Mine is high frequency deafness so mine not the same but I have settings for 1_1 conversation and 1 for public places. Yes mine does pick up other sounds but I can have a better conversation in a pub now than previously. It may be worth going back to audiology and asking them to ' tweak' your hearing aid to suit you best. Must admit tho I don't wear one for day to day life. Hope you get sorted, Jackie

  • Thank you for replying. Yes I have 3 settings on my hearing aids. Everyday use. Music. Conversation. Everyday gives all sounds. Music separates the instruments, blocks out background noise. Conversation is the T setting. Great on a 1:1 but not in groups. In restaurants, cafes, I try to sit with my back to the wall but not always possible. However I will discuss this at my next audiology visit. Sue.

  • Hearing aids are a battle, I use bicross hearing aids as I have 100% loss in one ear so it transmits all sound to the other ear giving plenty of echo, argh! I find they help the in smaller groups with not much background noise. When I don't have this option I try to balance with lip reading ( or I should say guessing what people say,lol ).

    I have not found any hearing aids that have a massive difference yet, but they do help a little. they are worth using as they help that part of the brain working, so I was told by audilogy.


  • As my reply above, I try to place myself with back to a wall so the conversation in just in front of me, but not always possible. Some people have no idea and just shout louder and louder which becomes one big blur!! I did do Lip Reading courses and beginners Sign Language. And yes sometimes guessing the lip reading is hilarious!! Sue

  • That's a good tip, I will have ago at sitting with my back to the wall too, thanks xx

  • I have hearing aids SueE17 and my T setting is for use with a loop system. When in use you cannot hear ordinary conversation.

  • Hi, how did you go about getting registered deaf/hard of hearing? I cant seem to work it out.

  • Hi.

    I had the same problems when I first got my aids, took a few appointments and a fair few adjustments, and finally, although still not perfect I'm dealing with noisy places much better. Hope you've since got a solution to this :0)