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When will I learn?

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When will I learn. Rule #1: Keep your trap shut in the exam room.

Since I forgot that rule, now I have appointments with a gastroenterologist, a neuro-ophthalmologist, a GI specialist, I must read a bunch of material before having a focused ultrasound treatment and I have to have an MRI on my c-spine in a few days.

What was different this time? Well the PA was really hot. The neurologist, Dr Bortan, is a mom. In the exam she pulled up my socks and nagged me about wearing shorts in winter weather.

The PA, Dr Lawton, asked a question and I couldn't shut up. She didn't need to know about the horse that kicked me in the face 30 years ago. Or that I self-medicate with AHT and Ozone and am planning on red/infrared treatment.

She set me up for all these referrals. There is an old Asian curse; May your life be filled with lawyers. A modern corollary might be, May your life be filled with doctors.

21 Replies
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Wearing shorts in winter - Way cool :-)

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kaypeeoh in reply to park_bear

I now live in Connecticut. These winter wimps don't know what winter is. I lived in Wyoming for 37 years. Most of it is 2 miles above sea level and has snow for 9 months. The Shoshone Indian tribes called it goddamn windy place.

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GrandmaBug in reply to kaypeeoh

My husband wears his shorts with dress socks and shoes. Now that is wayyyyy cool!

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kaypeeoh in reply to GrandmaBug

Yeah in the Summer I switch to shorts, white socks and sandals. :-)

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What a coincidence, I was just kicking myself over violating Rule #1 (or the gist of it, since I wasn't actually in an exam room).

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I’ve done that, too, in the Doc’s office, and learned my lesson. Now, like my wife, I often say, I’m ok! Hangin’ in there!

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I did the same and ended up with unnecessary unpleasant gastro investigations. In the end I escaped the loop.

The consultant apologised and said I was a 'VOMIT'! Which officially means Victim Of Modern Imaging Technology: finding things you didn't know were there and never would have known were there, which were never going to be harmful, but having to investigate just in case because someone saw it on a screen...

Such a fine balance!

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I've learned that the less I say the better it is.

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Good advice!!!!!

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Just say NO ?

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I’m glad I have a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who works WITH me 🙏🏼

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DianeJ in reply to Manypony

Where do you find an oriental medical practitioner?

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DianeJ in reply to DianeJ

Sorry. I meant a traditional medical practitioner.

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Manypony in reply to DianeJ

I live in Oregon where I drive half and hour to see one. Most towns have acupuncturists. Naturally it’s ideal to find one with experience with Parkinson’s.

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Manypony in reply to Manypony

Perhaps all acupuncturists are not traditional Chinese medical practitioners. My practitioner offers herbs and hands on body work as well as acupuncture

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b-bobble in reply to Manypony

In conjunction with PD meds or no?

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Manypony in reply to b-bobble

I hope to reverse my symptoms without Pd meds. No pharmaceuticals

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b-bobble in reply to Manypony

I do to. But your not taking any now? Bravo to you!

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Manypony in reply to b-bobble

The symptoms are difficult at times, to say the least but at least I don’t have to sort them from side effects

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Men under report, maybe a 🔥🥼is just what you needed 😏

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