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Sunday's Zoom meeting will be dedicated to the broccoli seed experiment. We will organize ourselves into sub-groups.

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Sunday's meeting time is 11 AM - 12 PM, US CDT

Saturdays' Zoom meeting is 7 PM, US CDT = 1 AM where Albert lives and so will have no agenda.

We all monitor this forum hoping to come across an as yet unrecognized therapy that may provide us some relief. This broccoli seed project may do just that.

I am optimistic Albert’s theory is correct. For one thing, Albert’s papers provide a more detailed explanation of the mechanism of action than do many studies. For another, he has been following this protocol for 21 months will much success.

Because Health Unlocked doesn't allow me (or I can't figure out how) to attach PDFs, I have just now sent the relevant PDFs to the email list. (I have tried creating a web page and copying it's link, but the link isn't live. If someone knows how to do it, please share.)

If you would like to be on the list, but did not just get an email, send me your email address via PM.


PS. If you don't want the emails or to be in the Zoom meetings, we will report our progress and will share the protocol via posts.

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I'll probably be a no show. It's a home rugby match and it's our favourite menu

Rendez-vous pour le repas d'avant match (25€/personne ou 20€/personne si abonnée) à midi au club house.


Poire Belle Helene?........there's a blast from the past! 😁

It's the civet de sanglier (wild boar casserole) which is our favourite

Marc - it's a bit crude but it works -


How'd you d o that?

I have my own server space and some webpage creation software. But I was very rusty and have a ton of work to do so it's not polished. Does the job


Many thanks Marc, you're doing a great job 👍🏿What time is the meeting UK time ?

Is it Saturday or Sunday?

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MBAnderson in reply to Grumpy77

The Sunday meeting is 11:00 AM, US CDT

That's 5pm UK time Sunday

Thank you 👍🏿

Enjoy your wild boar WTP sounds delicious, not enjoyed that since we sold our place in France. Thanks Marc, we do have visitors for the day so hopefully we ll be able to join in, depending when they leave.

Hi Marc

I'm afraid I will not be able to make the meeting on Sunday as we are going out with friends. Would really like to know what transpires though. Thank you for setting this group up,


I will record the meeting and will make that available for those who cannot attend.

will calll be recorded? I can't join until 1 hour after start!

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MBAnderson in reply to Happy21a

yes. the meeting only last 1 hour

Hi, I'd like to attend Sunday's zoom

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MBAnderson in reply to JakeMax

send me your email address via PM

Do I understand correctly, that there will be a meeting saturday but it just will not have an agenda like the one on Sunday?

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MBAnderson in reply to Redginger


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