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Macuna v Pharma C/L

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I know this topic has been covered myriads of times now, with the general consensus being naturally occurring Levadopa is basically the same as the synthetic pharmaceutical version on a cellular level, my question is this: with the induced dyskinesia from taking c/l meds, does naturally occurring macuna create the extra dyskinesia, being that its a naturally occurring ?

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I have not taken the true “natural” mucuna (unprocessed) seed powder, but I have taken 15%, 20% and 40% levodopa versions, all of which have given me dyskinesia at doses equivalent to one IR 10/100 c/l or less.

I have been experimenting and have had the same experience. I tried the mucna puriens because I was hoping that some of the other ingredients from the plant might help but my dyskenisia worsened. As of this week I went back to 100% c/l at slightly lower doses than before I took the MP.. I'll see how that goes.

Good morning and happy new day, @aarons. This article is very informative. I have taken the raw seed powder and it is something that is unbelievable. No dyskynesias.

Look up my profile and search up my comments about MP MUCUNA PRURIENS).


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Thank you for replying, I just wonder if there is a difference in the manufacture of the drugs from the chemist (to help stabilising the ingredients etc) as to just taking MP being a all natural state.I'll do the further research mate.

I greatly appreciate your answer

Stay safe


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@aarons, its always a pleasure to respond and meet new friends with a common purpose and journey.

It's possible that the chemical and industrial process alters the behavior of the same end product. Mucuna if taken in the unprocessed form behavves as closely as possible (in my subjective opinion) to the Ayurveda version of age old lore. For example, I find that food has no impact on natural Mucuna absorption. Levodopa works Imperfectly with food. I found the off times less debilitating. Unfortunately, my MDS says that he won't allow me to use Mucuna. He says he is uncomfortable with the uncertainty of the precise dosing.

Hopefully, your consultant is more helpful.


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Despe in reply to pdpatient

Change MDS! :) Ours a young, very smart individual, not only accepted natural levodopa, he knew all the different types: MP, BROAD BEANS, etc! :)

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Tayogi in reply to pdpatient

May I ask what brand whole seed powder you took?

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pdpatient in reply to Tayogi

Banyan Botanicals.

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This article says nothing at all new about MP. Ithought it might provide a link to the raw seeds, but it doesnt. Where do u fet them?

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pdpatient in reply to fondrees

@fondrees, Sorry, I didn't see your question until now. I used to get the raw seed powder from Banyan Botanicals. They call them by their sanskrit name -- Kapikachu.


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Despe in reply to pdpatient

". . .his begs the question – what if MP were to be given with carbidopa? Would this allow it to be better tolerated? A case report was recently published in which a 48 year old woman with PD experienced a significant improvement in her symptoms when carbidopa was added to the MP dose that she was taking."

That is exactly what my husband's MDS recommended when he asked him what medication he takes. He replied "No meds, just MP." He had no objection to MP, however, he recommended adding carbidopa to his MP. It does work!

Look at Hinz carbidopa b6 mortality rate.

I believe they have cleared up that dyskynesias come with disease progression, not with use of c/l

The MP is thought to increase on time and at proper dosing, is thought to reduce the incidence of dyskinesia as well as improve onset of action.

You have to read the full study in order to see how the MP seed powder was prepared to produce these results.


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