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Exercise every day to enjoy (lengthen?) your honey moon


How much is enough? Who knows for any one person because every person is different. I have taken the following position: I will not exercise on the days I don’t have PD…. Thus, every day.

I use Fitbit step monitoring with a daily goal of 10,000 steps/day (about 5 miles) or 70,000 steps per each 7-day period. Yes, I also go to RockSteady (helped start a program in Mississippi) as well as a Peleton cycling and weights program. Fitbit is a wonderful tracking mechanism that I recommend (no financial interests). ???Anyone interested in a HealthUnlocked “club” of PWP where we can monitor each other via their app??

I am “celebrating” 6 years since formal diagnosis with daily exercise; PD gives me nuisance problems such as shuffling, bradykinesia, tremors… enjoying every day of the honeymoon.

I am “cerebrating” 6 years since formal diagnosis with the stimulus of writing. My next book… due January… carries the title Day Trading with My Hebrew Uncle. My first book was King David: Parkinson’s First Hero. I will make them all four free as e-books on Amazon in January when my new book is done-done.

My earlier career was in oncologic/laparoscopic surgery.

Priorities in management are Attitude, Exercise, then Meds

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Wow! You are amazing. Good for you for opening a Rock Steady. I've been with RSB since Jan 2007 and I love it. I try to get in at least 3 times a week, any less than that & I can tell a difference.

Keep fighting!

I, too, have been working hard in my honeymoon/retirement years to keep myself fit, mobile, and witty! Rock Steady 3xs a week, cycling when weather permits, Pickleball 2xs a week (when joints are not inflamed), and dog walking 5 miles a day in any weather. Choir, piano, reading, and lots of volunteer work keep me busy. Four years ago , at 61, my infirmities were named Parkinson's - and now I'm in better than ever with exercise, good meds, lots of support, a sense of humor, and a mission to help others with this strange and misunderstood disease.