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Im new here, iv had a long journey, was diagnoised with fibro more thatn twenty years ago , plodded through , but over that time , i notice how tired i was getting, the pain and confusion, i get cramps especially in my feet and toes, my muscles go into spasm , in my legs and atms , worse on the right , i cant stand noise , or crowds, and dealing with money to , iv lost how to count and give change, and if my husband trysto explain, it just dont go in, three years ago i got so bad , they diagnoised me with parkinsons, iv been taking the meds for that now three years, iv now found out i havent got parkinsons, that its the fibromyalgia, im very confused at the moment, these symptoms ate they notmal for fibro,

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I have dystonia, which is common with Parkinson's. It causes muscle spasms and cramps. I got bad cramps in both legs at night before starting with Magnesium.

I take magnesium citrate at before bed. It almost eliminates my night time leg cramps. There are several types of magnesium. I take magnesium citrate because it has one of the best absorption rates and is still affordable.

I take 2 - 250 mg pills but would suggest you start with one. Magnesium is also a natural laxative so proceed with caution.

I also have 2 different prescriptions I can take for muscle relaxants which I occasionally take if I need something more:

Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg - for nighttime muscle cramps (it will make you sleepy)

Methocarbamol 750 mg - for daytime.

I don't know much about fibromyalgia, but it sounds to me like you need a 2nd opinion. You should also check the potential side effects of your medications to see if they can cause any of your symptoms.

Take care!

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Were you on carbidopa/levodopa or a different Parkinson's med? Carbidopa/levodopa is the only med that works really well for me. I have the rigidity type (no tremor) and had tons of fatigue and muscle spasms and pain before I was diagnosed. I agree that you need a second opinion because your symptoms sure sound more like PD than fibromyalgia.

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