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Wow ....I'm Impressed!


I have been wanting to try B1 for the last little while, I got some, and felt uneasy about taking such a high dose, so started of with only taking1/2 of a 500mg pill, today I took 1 whole one. I have been encouraged by many of you about writing to DR C, so I did....with in 20 min I got a response!. I kept my story short, to the point, because I am sure he is busy. For me he recommended gradually up the dose to 3000mg and to keep him updated.....It makes me happy that this selfless person is really concerned with the health of people,my feeling of powerless soon left and I felt reassured that there is hope....Even if this treatment is a placebo,and it has a positive impact on me.....I'm all!

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Thiamine effecacy is real not placebo.Hopefully you will get positive results soon.

I have also started taking it but just 500mg or 750 mg a day (as more seemed to give me vivid dreams). Amazingly it has eliminated the stiffness in my left leg - my first and more stubborn symptom.



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hanifab23 in reply to unsinkable

Thank you I got a response from him he recommends 3000mg to 4000mg

daily divided between morning and midday

he said I will see some good results

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Happy for you....

Some of you may be interested in reading You Are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza. I haven't finished it yet but it talks of the power of the placebo. It is mind over matter. One example was 20 people with IBS who took pills marked as a placebo with no medical benefits. They all improved.

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My husband (the PwP) and I have been to one of Dr. Joe's workshops. In the book, Dr. Joe mentions a woman who eliminated her PD symptoms through the meditations (his meditations are quite different from the mainstream). At the workshop we had a chance for a brief conversation with him and he said there were several PwPs who had success with his meditations. He's an interesting man. Another interesting book is The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

Eliza-Jane in reply to kgold

I just checked and he actually has his meditation sessions on youtube. He is really one for sharing the knowledge. Starting tomorrow I am going to try this daily.

firefly0780 in reply to kgold

I also am a fan of Joe dispenza I have been to his workshops and I meditate daily following his guidelines I find it very beneficial and hopefully will contribute to my overall recovery

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Hi firefly0780. Nice to hear of a fellow Dispenza follower. My husband (the PwP) has a hard time distinguishing Dr. Joe's voice over the music, which was also a problem with the Progressive we took. Unfortunate for him since I think the meditations would benefit him greatly. Best of luck to you!!

I started on 100 mg of thiamin HCL and upped my daily dose in increments. I'm now at 1,500 mg. a day -- 500 mg 3 times a day. Is that enough to spur a change? Meanwhile, I'm going to check out Dr. Joe Dispenza on Youtube.

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Becky it sounded like for me taking a small does would be of no benefit, because I have had PD for 12 years, DR C said to gradually up my dose to 3000mg and expect a change

I'm with you. I think I'll do the same!

Say, who is this mysterious Dr. C? I looked on youtube thinking I might find some talks by or interviews with him, but didn't find anything.

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Oh Good, Dr, C is Dr Costantini,not sure if hes on you youtube, maybe you want to email him,his address is on earlier posts, he is very gracious and will answer your concerns....

RoyProp in reply to unsinkable

Yes, Doc Costantini is on youtube

unsinkable in reply to Beckey

Found Dr. Costantini's email, if your

Beckey in reply to unsinkable

THANK YOU! Much appreciated.

unsinkable in reply to Beckey

Let me know how it goes....:)

Found this fine journal article by "Dr. C."

Thanks for sharing this....sounds good...

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