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23 day cycle that all idiopathic PD patients are synchronized to?

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I read the following in Recovery From Parkinsons Disease, a PDF book free on pdrecovery.org. Blows my mind! Take a look at the following excerpt and please comment if you have idiopathic parkinsons disease (PD with unknown origin)


People with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease have a twenty-three day cycle of

movement ability, during which movement goes from good, to bad, and back to good again

over twenty-three days. A person with Parkinson’s will usually go from a very good day or

days, during which he has a great attitude and feels at the top of his game, and slowly slide, over the next eleven days, down into a pit in which he may be certain that he has never been so rigid (or negative, or tremory, or whatever his current, worst problem is). Then gradually, over another eleven days, he will cruise back up to the top again. The complete cycle lasts twenty-three days. And then it starts again.

The most uncanny thing about this cycle was that all my patients were on the same

twenty-three day cycle. My patients all had a “good day” on the same day, and eleven or

twelve days later, they all had their worst-ever day, and then, by day twenty-three, they all had a “good day” again.

The incredible thing was that this cycle did not just happen to my patients in my

office, in my hometown. It was happening to all the patients around the world who were in

email contact with me.

Before I realized that there was a cycle, I was often remarking to my family, over


“I’m really excited: everyone is doing much better today.”

A week and a half later, I’d be saying, “Everyone is much worse today, I don’t know

what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m a fool for trying.” And then a week and a half later, I

would be rapturous with glee because “Everyone is doing so much better!”

My son finally pointed out that I’d been doing this up and down cycle for over a year,

and that it was impossible that “everyone” was doing poorly or that “everyone” was doing

well. Surely I was exaggerating.

I wasn’t exaggerating.

I went through my charts. I went through the emails that had been sent to me from

people I knew and from people that I had never met. Sure enough, there was a consistent,

twenty-three day cycle in people with Parkinson’s from around the world, even if I’d never met with or emailed with them before. In fact, I suddenly saw that I tended to get the most emails at the apex and nadir of the cycles.

This was unbiased reporting: the emailers who had never met any of us on the team

were not being influenced by me or by anyone in the project.

The other thing that was quite strange was that, since starting this project, there were

a few times that the low in the cycle was extremely low or the high was extremely high.

I recall that all my patients experienced a severe low in the first week of August of

1998. Another one occurred towards the end of January in 2000. I have not tracked enough of

these extremely powerful lows and highs to detect a pattern. I did not share this information with patients at first, because I feared “contamination” of my research data.

But once I had several years of data, I did present this information about the twentythree

day cycle to patients so that they could keep their chins up when they found themselves having a rough week or so.1

The influence of whatever it is that drives this cycle ceases when a person recovers

from Parkinson’s disease. The physical symptoms of Parkinson’s and the emotional symptoms of Parkinson’s (if any), the negativity, wariness, self-pity and/or fear or shame of

self-pity, and anxiety, were all influenced by the twenty-three day cycle.

1 Several friends of the project have tried to research the probable cause of this worldwide

cycle. The only astronomical event with a twenty-three day cycle that might possibly be driving the

pattern is a star in our galaxy that emits a strong radio wave in a twenty-three day cycle. This is not a

biorhythm pattern. Biorhythms begin on the day a person is born. Therefore, there are 365 potential

starting dates for the biorhythm cycles. But all PD patients seem to be stuck in the same cycle. It may

be that, when they shut down their heart, they fall out of their native biorhythm and into a sort of

default cycle that can be influenced by strong atmospheric phenomena.

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I strongly believe that it is true. For a while I kept on charting my moods on my cell phone and it was pretty close to 23 days depending how I felt. Also you can see it on this list and the amount of emails. It's like everybody writes at the same time or nobody writes at all.

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laglag in reply to parkie13

When does your cycle start?

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parkie13 in reply to laglag

Last time when I marked something on my calendar was for September 18th as a bad day. Not last night but the two nights before I had a bad time sleeping. Also I had a lot of pain.

There was someone on this site that mentioned the same 23 day cycle, probably about a year ago. It's been in the back of my mind since then. About 30 days ago I marked a count of 23 days on my calendar but didn't really track it day to day like I should have. I'm not sure how you know exactly when the cycle starts but I'm having a good day today so I think I will start counting today & get back with you in 11 & 23 days.

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parkie13 in reply to laglag

That was me, you can still access the Old Post.

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bassofspades in reply to laglag

Im having a good day too, its been on the upswing since friday.

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M-o-ggy in reply to laglag

Hi. I have had a good day on the 9th

parkie13 & bassofspades...Are you on meds?

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bassofspades in reply to laglag

No meds. amino acid protocol,

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SKCW in reply to bassofspades

Hi, How do you like the protocol? Have you been on it for long? Do you have any advice from your experience, because my mom is planning to start it. Thanks very much, Sarah

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parkie13 in reply to laglag

I am on a small dosage of amino acids. I am taking an eighth of a teaspoon two or three times a day. Just about a week ago I went to see neurologist I've been feeling rotten. he started me on CR levodopa I am taking now half a pill twice a day. I'm supposed to go up too half pills three times a day. I still am doing one-eighth teaspoon. a day off hundred percent levodopa. I am in a quandary, I don't know what to do. I have heard how bad Carbidopa can be for you. At the end of supposed to be on 3 pills a day. My next appointment with a NP is in 4 months so again don't know what to do Mary

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laglag in reply to parkie13

Mary, I wouldn't be too scared of C/L. I was diagnosed 14 yrs ago (@ age 46) & after going off of Requip 8 yrs ago because of a breast cancer drug that didn't mix with Requip, started 3 C\L per day then went to 4 or 5 depending on how I feel, & have been able to keep it at 4 most days. I really don't have any side effects except a little dyskensia once in awhile. I exercise 3/week & take a few supplements. Debbie

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parkie13 in reply to laglag

Thank you for the encouragement, I'm going to try it for a while. It took me awhile to get used to hundred percent levodopa powder. So far I have been tolerating well CR carbidopa-levodopa Mary

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Harleybob08 in reply to parkie13

5-HTP should do the same job as Carbidopa. Dosage by trial and error, from 1 to 5 tabs, until the nausea goes.


Egcg will do the same as carbidopa. 5 htp is a precursor to tryptophan which is a precursor to serotonin if i recall correctly. Egcg is found in grren tea in adequate quantities

I bow to your knowledge. My experience is based in doing a doctor-supervised amino acid course. Green tea may well do the job. Either way Carbidopa can be avoided. :-)

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SKCW in reply to Harleybob08

Hi Harleybob08, My mom (79years) is likely going to start on the amino acid protocol. She's quite nervous about it. Have you had a good experience with it? I've heard one has to take a lot of MP and that it might make the patient nauseous?

I'd be grateful for your insight,


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Harleybob08 in reply to SKCW

Hi Sarah. The hardest part for me was writing the cheque :-)

I guess it boils down to the doctor you choose. It is a fairly new experience to them all, and they rely on the patient for accurate feedback.

There is little to fear from the course itself. The meds are pretty tasteless. There was some nausea until you get the balance, but I never came close to vomiting; more just a queezy feeling for a half hour or so after ingestion.

I would eat first, even just an apple, and take a little ground ginger. Most of it was in my head. I kept working as a postman throughout, it isn't really a problem.

It took me more than a year to get the balance, and I can now regulate myself, if needed.

I believe this is the best treatment available and is well worth the effort. My symptoms are very slight, and, if anything, receding a bit.

The treatment is not perfect, but much preferable to PD. I intend to try LDN now in conjunction to try and get further improvements.

Your Mom could maybe try it first ?



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SKCW in reply to Harleybob08

Dear Peter,

It is a great help to talk with you, since theoretical is great, but one really wants to be able to talk to someone who has actually done it/experienced it! This is especially true when neurologists turn their noses up at it, and everybody keeps pointing to the Sinemet, despite its multiple side effects and repercussions. Do you know if the Mucuna is ever supposed to wear off or give dyskinesias down the line? I was told no on the dyskinesias.

Many thanks for your help. It is a comfort for my mom to hear.


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Harleybob08 in reply to SKCW


Hi Sarah,

I think this site is one of the sources of Levadopa. It says that Levadopa is extracted from Mucuna. My conclusion is that all Levadopa comes from Mucuna (& other beans), there is no difference.

So if progression is caused by LDopa, then it should be universal. My opinion is that progression comes, or is not prevented by, Carbidopa. I have no discernible progression after 2yrs. This is what was expected.

I have however got some diskonesia, this was caused by going too high too quick on the LDopa. It is fading with time however.

Best Wishes,


My hubby (PWP) had a good very day on the 9th too......I put it down to it being his birthday but after reading some of the above......maybe it's something to do with the 23 day cycle. I will definitely be keeping a record for the next 20+ days! 😊

The MOST remarkable thing about this "mind-blowing" story is that, after claiming "there was a consistent, twenty-three day cycle in people with Parkinson’s from around the world" (during which ALL idiopathic PD patients cycle from 'good' to 'bad' and back again), the author provides no details as to when - exactly - this elusive 23-day cycle starts and ends (thereby leaving readers unable to see how it syncs with their own realities and thus verify the validity of claims made). Nevertheless, everyone's BS meter fails to alert...

Yep, noticed that too. Its kinda like an April fools joke. The 23 day cycle was difficult enough to believe but the world wide synchronization between all us Idiot Pathetic Parkys made me laugh. Maybe its like when 3 or 4 women live together, don't their Minstrel cycles synchronize or they get grumpy all on the same day or something . I liked the star thing. A burning sun millions of miles away giving off radio signals , yep that will do it all right. I think some people turn off their BS meter sometimes around here to stop constant rings and give them some hope. I am glad yours still works ok PDC. Keep up the watch please, good work.

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laglag in reply to GymBag

Neve give up hope and keep fighting! Your mind can do amazing things, if you let it.

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GymBag in reply to laglag

Well mine used to think deep thoughts but that has past and now the magic click your heels three times and say I believe does not work and Disney is just a business now and I dont wish upon a star any more. Reality sucks but it is real, and is the only think you can base hope on . Mork is gone and will never come back ,Nanu Nanu

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laglag in reply to GymBag

I usually enjoy your sarcasm, but not so much today. Sorry you're feeling bad. A positive attitude keeps you in fantasyland a little longer, but sometimes you slip back into reality & you can't dig your way out. I don't think Mork tried to find that fantasyland. Nanu Nanu

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GymBag in reply to laglag

laglag you had/have one of the best BS alarms here. Why did it not sound load and clear. Lets not confuse positive attitude and wishing on fantasy.

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parkie13 in reply to GymBag

Different diseases and parasites have different life cycles. The diseases Wax and Wane. For instance, for Lyme disease the peak activity is in the spring and in the fall.

I have charted my own Parkinson's end how I feel in this 23-day cycle. And I would go back to the calendar count the days and agree with the calendar and how I was feeling . Whether I was really bad or on top of the world.

Today was not a good day for me. Last time that I Marked something on my calendar was September 18th saying that I was feeling bad. I think you have to allow two days plus or minus to be really able to track how you feel.

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PDConscience in reply to GymBag

Hah! Yeah, GB, the intergalactic radio-waves from some vague, unnamed star seem to serve the same purpose as the ruby slippers for the faithful fans of the 'PdRecovery' site (just as 'conscious' fast-walking has served to 'ReverseParkinsonsDisease' for its fans - NOT). While we all want to wake from this bad PD dream, most of us look to valid science for solutions. This clip from the Wiz is dedicated to the others: youtube.com/watch?v=ooM-RGU...

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laglag in reply to PDConscience

Where has "valid science" gotten you?

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PDConscience in reply to laglag

It's gotten me valid hope for an eventual solution (rather than aimless tail-chasing)

As I said before, Different Strokes for different folks. Her insight into Parkinson's is invaluable it is her life's work. She has had a small amount of success with people that got rid of the disease. I guess her biggest quandary is why some and not the other ones. Again we're talking about idiopathic Parkinson's.

Her insight is "invaluable"?!? What tangible outcome - exactly - have you gained that merits a single minute of the time spent entertaining her nonsensical notions? Do you ever wonder why (if her methods really did result in "recovery") has her and her team of fellow scamsters "disbanded" and why they "no longer provide treatment for people with Parkinson’s"? pdtreatment.com/

Here are a couple 'testimonials' from other besotted followers who, like you, spent years being lulled by Hadlock's cosmic gibberish with predictable outcomes: forum.parkinson.org/topic/5...

If you are able to cite a SINGLE credible "recovery", however, I will buy a family-size bottle of this 'disbanded', 'no-longer-practicing' practitioner's snake oil. Anxiously awaiting the justification for your fervor...

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laglag in reply to PDConscience

I'm not here to argue, I'm here to learn, which I have learned a lot & will continue to. I would like to clear one thing up. I have NEVER said that anything I do heals or causes PD to go away. My PD is definitely progressing, but I feel that it is slowly progressing. Rock Steady has helped a lot in many ways. There are hundreds of testimonials from others that it has helped also. This conversation is a little discouraging but I'm a fighter & won't give up!

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laglag in reply to PDConscience

Sorry, I read your reply & you weren't talking about me. Ha!

Her insight into a Parkinson's personality is invaluable.

P-13, The "disbanded", "no longer practicing" practitioner (Hadlock) has clearly become your cosmic guru, and "her insight is invaluable" has become your chakra which you incessantly chant (void of rationale) in order to enter a blank state of trance where PD-reality briefly fades. Best of luck with that...

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bassofspades in reply to laglag

It makes me sad to see discouragement. Especially here, on what I like to think of as an online support group. If you give up hope, you will never get better. If you believe there is a chance out there and seek it out, you just might get lucky and find that missing piece of the puzzle someday. I want to learn as much as I can about Parkinsons, so I can help myself and others. I read every study and journal I can get my hands on with an open mind. Some things you may find ridiculous may work for someone else. Every case is different but one thing remains the same - negative attitudes do not solve the problem.

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laglag in reply to bassofspades

I agree with you. I've kept a positive attitude and it has helped me for the last 14 years. That includes reading, researching many hours every day and some trial and error. Keep fighting!

The whole idea of my post is to check with everybody to verify this claim. Get it? I want to hear the opinions of all with Parkinson's of unknown origin. Thanks

He lost me a bit on "this cycle ceases when a person recovers

from Parkinson’s disease."

I had a bad day on the 9th. Maybe it's different in Australia!!

"The influence of whatever it is that drives this cycle ceases when a person recovers

from Parkinson’s disease....all PD patients seem to be stuck in the same cycle. It may

be that, when they shut down their heart, they fall out of their native biorhythm and into a

sort of default cycle that can be influenced by strong atmospheric phenomena."

Really!? Are we reading what this man wrote and thinking he is doing reliable reasearch?

Before yall poo poo this based on a small excerpt, i urge you to read the whole document.

Really? Speaking of "poo poo" - an excerpt that alludes to biorhythmic discord and radio-waves from distant stars as a possible source of our PD woes provides sufficient clues as to Hadlock's (aka 'Headlock') credibility and hardly merits further reading. Following your logic... if you encounter a large pile of BS when seeking a filet mignon, you would proceed to lap it up believing there's gotta be a cow in there somewhere(?).

I have felt for some time that I cycle-I have thought it more like a 30 day interval- but have not been motivated to track it. I am going to try to pay a little more attention to tracking it after reading this. I have read some of Janice Walton-Hadlock's stuff. There is some interesting anecdotal information in it, but the lack of public testimonials has always bothered me.

I am counting down since my last miserable day. Now day 14. Enquire how I am feeling 1/17.

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parkie13 in reply to RoyProp

Hi Roy, how are you feeling? I started marking my days again. My bed days were December fourth and fifth and December 27th

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RoyProp in reply to parkie13

Hopeful. Today 1/2 way to end of cycle and also today, adjustment to my B1 regimen.

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parkie13 in reply to RoyProp

If you're talking about the 17th of January, then we are pretty well synced

The whole reason for this post was to seek truth and fact from actual pd patients. Now that we've all been through a few cycles together, whats our concensus?

I think it's interesting at least to notice there is the cycle, so when we're feeling particularly low we can realize it will change. Same goes for when we're feeling great too! One thing we can be certain of is things change . And there is a lot of mystery in life, so if you don't agree with something, no need to bash it. You can just ignore it if it's not for you. Love to you all

Would a tin foil hat protect us from the cosmic rays emitted by the malevolent star?

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RoyProp in reply to danfitz

Any kind of hat is recommended plus you should wear long sleeves to reduce skin cancer

I've noticed the cycle this past week. I felt like shit on the 16th which was the new moon, and had a struggle most of the week. Now I'm on an upswing, feel better. I haven't changed any supplements or habits to account for it. It could be a lunar cycle and hormonal.

I'm Reviving The 23 day cycle post where every 23 days all of the parkie's have bad day and every 23 days all the parties have a good day, it's a bell curve. I'm having bad day today, anybody else?

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