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So I just finished giving myself my first Humira injection! I am using the pre-filled syringe, NOT the auto-inject pen. I requested the syringe for a several reasons: 1) reviews/comments consistently agreed the syringe hurt less (having control over the rate of injection seems to be key); 2) the pen seems prone to malfunction; and 3) after a bad experience many years ago with an injection at a doctors office with an auto-inject "gun" (for lack of a better word.....seriously, looked like a staple gun), I have a deep and lasting phobia of anything "auto-inject".

Anyway, after reading lots of posts (here and elsewhere) about how much Humira injections hurt/burn, I was prepared for the worst. I've done my own methotrexate injections in the past, and know that pre-injection anxiety makes the experience worse (anxiety has some very real and very physical effects!). So I did a short guided relaxation/breathing meditation to get myself totally relaxed and NOT focused on/obsessing over doing the injection. Stabbed myself (I do injections in my belly) and slowly started injecting. No pain, no burn. Continued slowly - half way done, still no pain, no burn. Finished off the syringe - done! After removing the needle, I had some very brief, mild pain at the injection site - that was it. So at least for me, no more anxiety about the injections! Now I just have to hope this is finally the drug that will work for me long-term!

I share this only to (hopefully) alleviate some fear/anxiety for others who might be starting Humira. Although there are obviously no guarantees, I wanted to share a positive experience - the injections aren't painful for everybody. (For those for whom it IS very painful, you have my sincere sympathies! I was prepared for it, and was going into it with the mindset that the pain of the injection every other week would be well worth it if my symptoms were relieved. I feel very fortunate that for me, the injection is relatively pain-free).

Keep fighting, fellow warriors!

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  • Gatodelsol,

    Thanks for the positive post!! Great start for you. Let us know how it works for you. 👍

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