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Hospital and really wanting to poo

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Hi all Dogbot here

In hospital blue lights and all bad pains couldn’t breathe the surgeons didn’t give much hope again but a nice man from intensive care said that there are other ways ( I have to go by what my wife says because I was out of it with pain) one night in I do feel a lot better but some people not nurses are looking at me sitting up in bed and saying what are you doing in here and it does hurt but they never sore me come into hospital what I want to know before I leave is what coursed the pain in the first place.

Obviously they are looking for infections but I suppose I am a little impatient 😀(that’s what the wife says and who is going to argue not me 😂) but hopefully we might get some results 🤞.

Well that’s some of the night gone while I sit and find out what the other end decides what it wants to do, I’m still getting used to the false, well not quite false tiny bit but let’s not get to factual thanks to you all again for reading and listening because I think it is, I’m going to try and have some sleep lol in hospital.

Lots of thoughts going out to you all Dogbot 😀

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Hi Dogbot here

Well out of hospital doctors and nurses done a fantastic job from ICU to HDU to the ward they have me up and running again (well not so much running) and straight into lockdown at home because my immune system is no good but at least I’m home with the wife so happy days. Let’s all be careful and take notice of government advice and beat this virus good luck all.


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