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Loose and to much poo

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Hi all I am in hospital had emergency ileostomy bag fitted on the 12th now the only thing that is keeping me in is to much and to runny poo I am trying the normal jelly babies,marshmallows and the likes my wife says eat more? Has anyone got any ideas many thanks Dogbot

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My partners illestomy bag is always quite runny poo and a liquid. Nothing seems to thicken his up. We tried marshmellows. The problem is you need to drink lots to be hydrated so its a difficult balance. Don't eat lots more as that will cause other problems if you aren't used to it. Little and often is best

I use Immodium to slow things down. I eat rice pudding, rice is supposed to be a thickener, banana, peanut butter (soft nuts), baked beans, mini wheats, Life cereal, oatmeal, cream of wheat, that's all I can think of right off, but just be careful not to eat too much of a thickener because then you'll have the opposite problem, which is painful. Sorry, I wasn't much help.

Hi Dogbot, I have an ileostomy also. I don't think I have any useful advice for this specific issue, but I thought I’d mention to you an additional place you can communicate with ostomates. If you’re on Facebook, there’s a group called “The Real Ostomy Support Group” at facebook.com/groups/1160120...

where I’ve seen people give and get a lot of varied, useful and understanding advice. Good Luck.

I am 2 years post surgery and ive always had runny output but maderia cake works for me down side weight gain. It also improves when i take regular immodium but difficult to regulate so Im about to test immodium liquid see if that can make a difference.

Good Luck

Hi try rice and chicken , boil with stock cube for flavour. Stay away from onions and potatoe skins.

Thanks all for the advice on what to eat I’m now into rice pudding not a great fan but with marshmallows and jelly babies I got out of hospital last Monday 🥳. I don’t mean to insult the hospital but being in your own home is lovely and of course what you all don’t know is I went to Liverpool to cheer my two friends up before one of them went in for breast cancer surgery and I only lasted at there house for 5 hours and was in hospital for two weeks 🙈it was tight because she had surgery on Tuesday 😓and everything seems to have gone well so she is in Liverpool recovering and I am in West Sussex recovering all well with both so far 🤞😂

Hi, just seen your post, I have had my bag since April 2016, I tend to have quite runny output as I do drink loads of fluids and suspect this help make it quite runny. I have been using Trio Peals sachets. for a number of years now and they seem to help. They are available in the UK on prescription. See trioostomycare.com/product-... Hope this helps.

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