Hi do any other CMTers suffer with thier hips? I find that even on shorts walks my hips feel like they are grinding together! very painful x

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  • Hi, yes I get that if I have walked too far and yes it is pretty painful I must say. It hasnt done it on short walks, but in the winter they will hurt on shorter walks.

  • Its not unusual for those with CMT to have problems with both knees and hips. Its because we compensate for the lack of feeling/movement in our feet by adjusting our gait.

  • Hi yes I have a problem with my hips too when walking and it is painful. I recently asked my G.P for an xray as not sure it is the CMT,the joints or both. Get it checked out is my advice.

  • Hi all, yes I suffer more in the cold weather too! I have had my hips xrayed and the result was 'slight wear and tear'! with the pain that I experience, the diagnosis doesnt seem fitting!

    Thanks all

  • Hi paulina yes i to have knee/hip pain have had xxrays to which i was told 'slight wear and tear'!

  • hi yes is the answer i get pain in my hips, thighs and lower back, doctors just say take brufen ad paracetamol it the same answer every time, it`s your CMT. Also my knees when i try and pick things up, it`s trying to get back up again.

  • I'm getting pain in the hip, knee and lower back, sooooooooooo fed up!!

    Doc puts everything down to CMT but doesn't know very much about it. I particularly suffer with fatigue too.

  • Yes I agree as soon a doctor looks at my records, I get oh you have CMT so thats why you have pain in your hips etc! I will give you some more pankillers! so annoying and yes Cath, I am suffering with fatigue too! For years I used to be able to get out of bed on my first alarm but now I am snoozing at least 3 times! its such a battle of wills to actually get up for work now! horrible condtion

  • Yes I live on pain pills, my right hip has been hurting for 10 years, I finally spoke to a doctor because everything I do now effects it, my doc said its probably osteoarthritis and may result in a replacement. The left hip just recently started to hurt too but it may last me out :)

  • i have terrible pain every morning in my hip,thigh and down the front of my leg. I can hardly walk or get dressed. it usually lasts for a few hours..last year I had my knee replaced and an operation on my ankle the year before which has resulted in me having a metal strip down the front of my leg to stop my ankle twisting round. I don't know if this has anything to do with the pain. on my last visit to the hospital I told the doctor and he just said It might go away and that was all.