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Interative Oncology for CML and other cancers

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If anyone is interested in finding either a totally non-pharma route to dealing with CML, OR doing an 'integrative oncology' approach, as I have managed, then please email me There is a LOT more that can be done for you than living with CML on pharmacology for the rest of your life (which is more than likely, for 10-15 years ...... and not at all guaruenteed, as oncologists tell you ...... 'normal life span'). I am a CML patient, and a Liver Transplant patient. Blessed be to everyone here.

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Could you please give me some info about this. Would love to get off this medication for cml.

Hi Michell, please forgive tardy reply. Would you mind emailing me? ..... I prefer not to answer on here in full for a number of reasons. FYI, I live in Canada - not sure where you are. Thnx.