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Ankylosing Spondylitis and Enbrel

I had to have a break from taking Enbrel for personal reasons and since going back on it I have found a remarkable improvement in my symptoms. I was at breaking point with the pain at Easter and although I was reluctant to make the decision to commence treatment again I am so glad that I did. My quality of life has been transformed.

However, I gave now been informed that I am going to be changing to a bio-similar drug which is not Enbrel/Etanercept should I be concerned? Any thoughts?

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Hi Sarahjane74 - if nobody on here is able to answer your query you might want to try putting the question on another Health Unlocked forum such as Pain Concern or Arthritis Action. There are also AS specific community groups on Facebook that might be helpful - Ankylosing Spondylitis Support Group UK

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Further to my sad tale of woe. I need to correct the date I started Enbrel is was 2005 not 2010. It's the memory that goes first!! I've just discovered after my visit with my consultant last Friday that I'm being moved to a "Biosimilar" I've done some research on the internet by the looks of it ...a way to save money from NHS budgets.


Hi 1701A , thanks for the update. I really hope that the change doesn't adversely affect your symptoms.


Thank you for the advice Cloudy Administrator. I think I will attend the Q&A session at the hospital.

1701A I hope the new version of the drug works well for you too.


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