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Tetanus Injestion

I am on watch and wait since 2017. I was advised by my consultant to get the fl...

Antibody Cocktail against Covid 19

I have had both of my jabs (Astra Zeneca) but have been told by the Haematology ...

COVID risk to CLL Patients with the reopening of schools in Ireland

Hello all We are wondering if any other CLL patients are having the same issue o...

CLL Ireland next information day in Galway on 16th November

CLL Ireland is coming to Galway on November 16th for an afternoon of support and...

Upcoming event CLL Ireland National information day June 8th

Our 2019 National CLL Patient & Carer Information Day offer a great opportunity...

Introduce yourself

Why not leave a short comment below and introduce yourselves. Give as much or as...


If you’ve just arrived as a Pioneer member this is where it all begins. HealthUn...

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