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From a v little nick to a leg hole

Back in July last summer myself partner and dog were bitten by something (nasty) dog nearly died due to reacation my partner has slowly healed the bite due to having antibiotics through a drip. But myself have now got a gaping ulcer from a little nick in skin to a hole that is so painful. I had 9 courses of antibiotics specialist skin services said compression is normally used but due to your Erythromelagia and raynauds compression can't be used.i have app now being discharged with vascular sermons next week. Will skin graphs be used ? What will they do ?

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hi Donna. It's so overwhelming. I've had a venous ulcer on my left ankle for almost a year now. It begins to heal, then opens up again. Wound care. Compression. Tired. Arthritis. Pain. And no one prescribes pain meds. I'm sent for this test and that test. No one can figure it out. I quit smoking. Had all kinds of tests. I understand your pain.Terry