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Blood problem

Hi,I have just spent six days in hospital with what I thought was a heart problem which I have been in & out of hospital now since 1998.This time after a heart scan & blood tests they said it is a blood problem,we want you to see a blood consultant.

The problem I have has slowly come on over a couple of years now,on walking around I got out of breath & very fatiqued,taking the dog around local park it used to be angina problems,take the spray & have the head banging or just sit on a bench till it went,but then slowly this fatigue got worse,by the afternoon it used to subside,but now it just reduces.

I am a 75 yr old male & people say it is because of your age,yes but not to feel so exhausted,it is the last couple of months that it has got so bad.

I am awaiting for a blood test,it took 12 hrs to get a bed,15.00hrs arrive A&E, 03.00hrs to get a bed,2rounds of toast & a cup of tea @ 01.30 am after I told them I was type two diabetic.

But great staff & care once I was in hospital could not fault,they were hectic on the night of my admission.