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Pravastatin Effective Dosage

Hello - I've been on 40mg Pravastatin for about 4 months now. I had a follow up lipid panel, and my cholesterol's effectively been cut by over 40% (from 251 to 153).

Given this reduction, I'd like to get on a smaller dose (20mg) but so far the Doctor has resisted and wants to see how my levels are in another 3 months. I'm not having any side effects at the moment, but I also don't fully trust statins (I had an instantly bad experience with Lipitor) and would like to minimize my exposure to them.

Would 20mg of Pravastatin still be an effective dose? I know it's a weaker statin than some of the newer ones. Any experience here?

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I can't answer your question - but my Doctor and my Cardiologist started me on the lowest dose of Crestor (Rosuvastin) and it has been effective in reducing all of my levels by 50%. I have a Doctor who makes recommendations to me - but asks me if I want to go ahead with it :)

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Why dont you try dietary means to lower the cholesterol whilst at the same time biting or cutting the statin in half or taking one every other day. You can then self check to see how things are going


I am afraid you need to consult your doctor before reducing to 20 mg! If you were to go on 20 mg the total cholesterol may come down by another 20%. Therefore a total reduction of 60% possible.

Human body needs cholesterol to function therefore you need to look at all the blood numbers, blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol. There are other factors to consider, age and general health as well. Lipitor do give bad side effect from experience.


Hello SeafoodLicorice, I am sorry to repeat my previous post but it applies to so many people that makes it useful.

Neither your doctor nor anyone else knows what your personal cholesterol level ought to be; cholesterol is an important component of the blood acting as a repair mechanism on the site of any injury. Rather than go into a long description I would recommend that you read what a heart surgeon says when he admits to having been wrong over 25 years. Go to:

There are also a couple of articles about Statins on the same web site which you can read at: There is an update at: Best wishes, Tibbly.


I had a triple bypass in March 2015 and was put on a cocktail of medications that included a 30 mg dosage of Crestor which is the strongest of the statin drugs.

I weaned myself off very gradually, but in order to do so, I had to change my lifestyle so that I didn't need the statin drug.

Your can read about my experience in the link below and go the post 'Coming Off Statins'. You should read the rest of my posts as well as you'll find them very informative.

Good luck.


Hi I would say that if its reducing your numbers and your symptom free then the dose is not too high, see how you are next test and if its gone down more then you can insist they lower it, its your body when alls said and done.

If you have no joy then switch DR's are you in UK


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