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Google is killin me

So yesterday i met with my dr. i did stress test in which i nearlt passed out at the end. But went 14 minutes. Blood pressure went up to 140/80 pulse got to 180.

later he told me i was fine and results were all normal. I am still having this weird chest pressure like low were ypur brea aut bone is and in the middle eapecially when pressing there. I am very Upset because im scared i could be walking aruond having heart attack or pass out in front of my kids. My cholesterol was perfect and so was ejection fracturE. Im scared. Everyonekeep saying anxiety and fear. After reading google it has frightend me

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See a doctor, or ring 111.

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Why would i see a doctor. my blood pressure is 90/55 and pule is 68

the blood pressure and pulse i gave in the prior post is what it was while i was on the treadmill. I dont think i need 111


Do you want to remain scared?


The 12-lead stress test on a tread mill is to check a lot of things. I had a 12 lead stress test two years ago and I am still here! During the 15 minutes test all the readings were high.

I was happy with the cardiologist comment you do not need any medication at the moment. Just relax and enjoy life.


I cant really help with this but if you're on a treadmill, the readings would go up. That's the point of the test. to see how much they go up by. You're entitled to a second opinion. Agree with Concerned. You may be worrying unnecessarily


Hello robinebc,

I was just wondering if you were on any meds at the moment. It sounds like you're having some sort of anxiety attacks or panic attacks which can sometimes mimic heart problems.

My colleague who has Lupus struggled with similar symptoms a couple of years ago and although all the tests were carried out - including a stress test, nothing untoward was found and she's still with us. It turned out to be panic attacks and she's been given anti anxiety or anti depressant meds.

Try not to worry, what really helped her was that she made concise notes in a journal everytime she had one of the attacks giving a full description of what was going on. She also had a home Blood Pressure Monitor which showed that he numbers were more or less within range - apart from her pulse rate.

Do you have a good BP UK approved Blood Pressure Monitor at home? If not, it might be worth purchasing one - just to put yourself at ease.

Wishing you all the best. Stay strong, stay calm and don't let Google scare you. Like everything else we hear or read, it's always best to check for yourself, do your own investigation and come to your own conclusions.

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Google is not a good idea if your looking up your symptoms. One symptom can show dozens of causes or nothing at all. I go for my stress test on Thursday and quite honestly I am not worried. If you have regular blood test ask for a copy of the results and you can compared them to previous tests. Stop worrying as it seems like you have had tests needed to show up any problems.


You may have costochondritis. It can cause pain in the sternum (breast bone) or any area of rib cage due to inflammation of the cartilage thats connects ribs to sternum and to each other. It is very common but is related to chest wall, not heart. Usually you would feel pain or tenderness if you press on ribs or on the area where you notice pain. It's more common on left side. It may help to take non-steroidal antiflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen. You should not take these, however, if you've ever had gastrointestinal bleeding, and they can make heartburn worse.

I'm a retired RN, and this is not "Google" information. You might ask your doctor about this possibility.




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