Children with Allergies



I'm a 17-year-old guy living with Atopy, currently stuck in hospital having had two life-threatening asthma attacks and an allergic reaction to latex in the timespace of less than a week.

I have a blog about life with Atopy, with weekly features such as 'Tuesday Newsday', 'One of those Lives', and 'Sunny Sunday', posts about Atopy, news stories, anecdotes, teenagery things, etc..

A couple of examples of posts in the pipeline are:

- Tips and Tricks for the Hospital;

- Things People with Asthma (or Allergies or Eczema) Wish You Knew, and

- You Know You're an Asthmatic When… (e.g. you know you're an asthmatic've used inhalers as pretend guns/you measure how good your day was on your peak flow reading/you wish you could have a t-shirt for bad days which says "I'm not contagious", etc.).

You can find my blog here:

Thanks all :P