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Online Community Guidelines

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Welcome to Changing Faces UK community at HealthUnlocked. This board is here to provide a safe, supportive, informative and friendly community for people affected by visible difference (from a mark, scar or condition) and their friends and families. We encourage you to post about your own experiences and communicate, connect, support and share with others in similar situations.

By using the community, you agree to the following guidelines:

•To post information that is primarily drawn from your personal experience.

•A new post should be started to discuss a new issue or question. We encourage that all posts are kept under a topic

•Your participation in the community should be with respect, honesty and in the spirit of supporting and learning from other users. Content should never be abusive, derogatory, sexually explicit or suggestive, malicious or deliberately misleading. Users should report, rather than engage with, any abusive or inappropriate posts

•Members should not paste personal contact details on the site, though they may choose to do so in private messaging function

•Members posing and/or answering questions on the site should not be assumed to be health professionals nor to be presenting the opinion of Changing Faces UK. Any treatment or medical information, services or products mentioned are the opinion of the person posting and all users should check with their doctor before changing or trying approaches regarding their health.

•Posts that may contain sensitive information which could be triggering to others should be labelled with a ‘Trigger Warning.’ In order to protect vulnerable people, Changing Faces may edit or remove posts, for example, those containing active suicidal or self-harm content, or obvious signs of a mental health breakdown to keep people safe. It is helpful if you could report these if you see them.

•Changing Faces UK is not a crisis service. If you need urgent help or are in crisis, please find help in the UK here:

Or here for other countries:

•This board is moderated by Changing Faces UK and HealthUnlocked. It is checked a minimum of once each working day. The board is not moderated by Changing Faces UK outside of 10am – 4pm (BST) Monday to Friday.

•To keep the community as safe as possible, we will remove or edit any posts that do not follow the guidelines.

•Changing Faces is a charity offering support and information in the UK. Whilst members from other countries are very welcome to contribute, we are not able to offer any services outside of the UK.

These guidelines are operated alongside the HealthUnlocked Community Guidelines: and Terms of Use: - please familiarise yourself with these too.

Privacy Summary

You don’t need to share any personal identifiable information to gain support or access resources on HealthUnlocked. Some simple ways to stay anonymous are:

-Choose a username that doesn’t correspond to your real name.

-If posting images, take care not to share personal information in these

-If you want to share personal contact details, do it via private messages

When writing a post, you can choose to make it visible to:

“Anyone” – this means that your post and replies to it are visible to anyone who has clicked onto them for advice and support. It also means that they could show up in search engines such as Google

“Only community members”, anyone who is not following your community will only see the title and first line of your post.

However, please note that anyone can join a HealthUnlocked community. Selecting “Only community members” is not a replacement for practicing basic online anonymity.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about how to stay safe and private on HealthUnlocked, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Support Team at

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