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BRAINWORKS with Activity2004 6-22-2021 FILL IN THE BLANK

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Hi everyone. This is today's BRAINWORKS. You can use the clues to help fill in the missing letters and figure out the daily theme for each day. You can always ask questions and take your time. There's no need to rush. This is for fun and enjoyment! :-)

Fill in the Blank

1. C __ L __ ( Cow)

2. K __ T __ __ N ( Cat)

3. F __ W __ ( Deer)

4. G __ S __ I __ __ ( Goose)

5. L __ M __ ( Sheep)


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Jenny went for a walk in the country and she saw lots of BABY ANIMALS, there was CALF, KITTEN, FAWN, GOSLING and a, LAMB😊🍾🍰🌷🥀

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo! 😀👍😻

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Aha Leah, I've got the vibe of this one, and I'm saying calf, kitten, fawn, gosling and lamb and the subject, animal babies!

You got it, Sue! 101% correct! Extra credit!😀👍😻

Calf, kitten, fawn, gosling, lamb....young animals Cow, Cat Deer, Goose, Sheep

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo! 😀👍😻

How’s it going today for you?

So far so good. I'm just starting my day.Thanks for asking


You’re welcome! Glad it’s going so far, so good for you. Weather good?

Cool day so far. A Marine layer of high fog is banked up against he mountain., keeping the temps down for a while.

We got 70 degrees today as the high and now it’s dropping back to 66 by tonight. Much cooler than yesterday.

I couldn't cope with that temperature Leah. We don't get that in the UK thankfully.

That's okay. I don't do well with too cold or too hot temps. either, Martin, so I understand that completely. :-)

Do you think it's down to the diabetes?

Weather and/or temperatures can cause blood sugars to go on a downward trend. Some people (me personally) sometimes drop if it's too hot. When the weather is too cold, it makes my system have to work harder than usual and it drops slightly, but not as much as when it's extremely hot.

. C A L F ( Cow)

2. K I T T E N ( Cat)

3. F O W L( Deer)

4. G O S L I N G ( Goose)

5. L A M B ( Sheep)

The theme is the various names for their offspring (baby's).

Not fowl. What's another animal that starts with the letter F and is a Deer's baby? Everything else including the theme is correct! :-)

Sorry, typo - fawn

You got it! I really don't like when autocorrect picks words for us, too when we type things on the phone! :-)

I usually notice when that happens but I am watching football so not necessarily concentrating as much as I could be.

It's okay. Enjoy the game on TV. What is score?

England 1 - 0 Czech Republic

That's good! :-)

Time to get ready for dinner here tonight. :-)

Should have called it soccer for our American friends, sorry ⚽🇬🇬

I know what football/soccer is out there. :-) No sorry necessary. :-)

England won and go through to the knockout stage as champions 🍾🥂🏆

That’s great news!😀👍

Hi Leah, Thank you for making another fantastic Brainworks Post Game! 😁👍👍

1. Calf

2. Kitten

3. Fawn

4. Gosling

5. Lamb

All are wonderful babies animals/pet.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! 🤗🙏🌺

Thank you for saying this, Koko! I thought it would be fun to try a day of baby animals. Some of them are my favorites, too! :-)

You’re welcomed Leah. 🤗

Yes I love the animation Bambi sooo cute as one of my first animation movies that I watched, esp when he was struggling to stay balanced on the ice. ❤️

And ofc Sonya is always a kitten to me! 😽😻

Love all animals and they do bring lots of joy and love to our world! 😁👍

That's right! :-)

Hope you managed and enjoyed your lunch today! 😋👍

Yes, had an early lunch today and some hot tea. Tuna mixed with hummus and a Greek yogurt on the side. :-)

Ooohhh that is a great mix I never tried, tuna and hummus and make it spicy for me 😋👍 That is a fantastic lunch and I’m sure you got your variety of Greek yogurt flavor! Very healthy and tasty! 😁👍

Yes! Blueberry Greek yogurt with tuna and classic hummus flavor.

Wonderful! I’ll be looking out for your dinner post if you will later on! 😁👍

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