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BRAINWORKS with Activity2004 6-19-2021 FILL IN THE BLANK

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Hi everyone,

Here's today's BRAINWORKS. You can use the clues to help figure out the daily theme and fill in the missing letters for each word. You can always ask questions anytime and take your time. There's no reason to rush. This is for fun and enjoyment! :-)

Fill in the Blank

1. B __ __ Y ( Not an adult/just born)

2. B __ C K __ __ ( Walking without looking behind yourself)

3. __ A __ __ N __ E __ ( Not falling)

4. __ A __ G A __ N ( On sale)

5. B __ A __ T __ F __ __ ( Pretty)


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Good morning Leah! 🌞🤗

Perfect game to play while I’m enjoying my cup of coffee ☕️👍

1. Baby

2. Backup

3. Balance

4. Bargain

5. Beautiful 🙃

The theme is B

Thank you for making Brainworks Game 🙏 and Have a great Saturday! 😊🌺

Hi Koko! Good morning!

You got everything 101% correct! Way to go! Fantastic job done! Woohoo! :-)

Thank you Leah! 🥳🎉🎈

You're welcome! Glad you enjoy the BRAINWORKS! :-)

BabyDon't know




Theme, words beginning with B

What do you do walking without looking behind yourself and it starts with B, as well? Everything else so far including the theme is correct! :-)

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Hi Leah, GreatMindfulness has beaten me to it so well that I can't add anything more! I think that, in any case I'd probably have struggled with a couple of these. Well done to all who have whizzed through it!

It's okay, Sue! More the merrier! :-)

Aweee Callendersgal, we all love this Brainworks game from Leah. 👍

Hope all is well with you! 😊🙏🌺

1. B A B Y ( Not an adult/just born)

2. B A C K U P ( Walking without looking behind yourself)

3. B A L A N C E D ( Not falling)

4. B A R G A I N ( On sale)

5. B E A U T I F U L ( Pretty

They all start with the letter B⚠️

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo! :-)

Everything okay today for you? :-)

I've now been diagnosed with sever sleep apnea. I will be having a CPAP machine but there is a supply problem.

Best of luck for when you get your new machine!

Thanks Catgirl. I know that they are effective, I've just got to wait 5-6 weeks because there is a problem with the supplier to the NHS. Meanwhile ............

What did the doctor say about the day/time you can be receiving the CPAP machine? I hope it's going to help you during the night. :-)

I've got to wait until it's delivered. There isn't anything else I can do. I read on the internet that they can cause a heart attack. 🙈

What did your doctor say after you mentioned this to them?

The doctor told me about the delay.

Okay. When you are able to get the CPAP, let us know.

Sorry Leah, just feeling a bit fractious. I hope I haven't upset you.

No, you didn't upset me at all. Everything's okay. :-)

Take what's said on the internet with a grain of salt if it's not an official site!

It was an NHS site, so it is genuine. Our National Health Service is one of the best in the world. Based on need and not ability to pay, it provides care to millions of people all over the UK. Excellent, caring. Established in 1948 has always been and will always be, free at the point of need.

Baby, backup,? ? Beautiful. 😍

Number 3: A word that means stable and starts with a B. Number 4: What do you get on sale that starts with a B? Do you know the theme for the day?

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Bifield34 in reply to Herman7275

That sounds like an instruction 😉

Good day Leah !! Hope you are doing better😊

Doing great and trying to relax today. We had a little rain here, but it finally stopped after lunch ended. :-)

Baby, backup, balance, bargain, beautiful. .... Lol say that fast five times 😄

Do you know the theme? You got everything correct so far. Keep it up! :-)

Things that begin with the letter ' B'

You got it! :-)

Thanks 😃

The theme needs to be a little more challenging. All the answers beginning with the same letter is getting predictable Leah. What do you think ❓

I’ll see what I can do soon.😀👍






Theme words that begin with B

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo!😀👍

How’s it going today for you?

Thanks! I’m doing ok Saturday is a low key day for me. How are you?

I’m doing okay this evening. Had dinner ( ) and had some hot tea. 😀👍

That looks delicious Leah!

Thank you, Kain_li! I appreciate that very much. Leftover quiche from dinner tonight for lunch on Monday.😀👍👍

Always great when we have leftovers. And I find it tends to taste even better!

Same here!😀👍






Theme words that start with a B

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Activity2004 in reply to cljones

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo!😀👍

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