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BRAINWORKS with Activity2004 3-14-2021 FILL IN THE BLANK

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Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting this today, but because we have Daylight Savings Time, things got a little behind for me.

This is today's BRAINWORKS. You can use the clues to help figure out the daily theme and fill in the missing letters in each word. You can always ask questions anytime and there's no need to rush. You can take your time. This is for fun! :-)

Fill in the Blank

1. A __ D __ T __ __ N ( More)

2. S __ B __ R __ T __ O __ ( Take away)

3. M __ L T __ P __ Y __ __ G ( Cubed)

4. D __ V __ D __ N __ ( Half)

5. A __ G __ B __ __ ( Uses letters and numbers together)

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addition ,subtraction multiply ,dividend ,algebra ,mathematics

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo! +😀👍🌈

thank you

You’re welcome! How’s it going this evening?😀👍🌈

thank you for your concern ,a lot is happening ,my husband is having Cervical Spinal Fusion Surgery on March 17 ,I had a repeated Surgery for my Right Hand ,it was Broken in 2019 l] ,I had a fall from a Syncope Episode ,accompanied with a Stiff Person Episode last week . I Broke my hand again ,it had to have another Reset of Screws and Pins ,in spite of it all ,I feel blessed and highly favored ,I'm still here ,to live this wonderful experience called life ,it is so beautiful .have a peaceful evening

Thank you for the reply and letting me know what's going on for you. I hope your surgery goes well. How long is recovery suppose to be with the hand?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I had a video chat doctor's appointment this morning and it was my first time getting to the group(s) today.

My evening went well last night. Did a little reading and watched some TV before bed. :-)

No apologies ,we all have our unpredictable circumstances and sometimes demands that need our undivided attention ,reaching out is what matters for me .My Right Hand Surgery Recovery time is 6 weeks Thankfully I am Left Handed ,wishing you all the best with your doctor ,sending peace ,joy and rest your ,for yet another night of wellness .Again I really like your Activity Posts , good Stroke Therapy for me ,great job ,thank you !

Thank you! The next posting is going to be posted tomorrow morning after I get done with breakfast. 😀👍🌈

I hope you feel better soon after the surgery.

Jenny didn't like Monday morning at school, she had double MATHEMATICS, which consisted of ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLYING, DIVIDING and worst of all ALGEBRA ❤️😊🌈

This is a wonderful sentence! Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo! +😀👍🌈

Fill in the Blank

1. A D D I T I O N ( More)

2. S U B T R A T I O N ( Take away)

3. M U L T I P L Y I N G ( Cubed)

4. D I V I D I N G( Half)

5. A L G A B R A( Uses letters and numbers together

Extra credit! Way to go! Fantastic job done! 101% correct! Woohoo!+😀👍🌈

How’s it going for you?😀

Another appointment at the eye hospital this afternoon. Lost the sight in my left eye but it's causing me pain and affecting my ability to work. Just so annoyed with myself. Sorry, didn't mean to moan on at you.

How are you doing?

It's okay to talk to me about what's going on for you. Everyone is willing to help and listen anytime.

When this afternoon is your appointment? I just got done with my Endocrinology appointment a little while ago this morning. The doctor wants to see me for my next appointment in 4 months. Said I was doing great!

Just got back from the hospital. The glucoma has cleared an I have been discharged, which is great news. I now transfer to another clinic because I may need more laser treatment. I won't get my sight back but the pain is improving, which is a blessing in itself.

Good news that the pain is improving. Try to get some rest and relax.

Will do, back to work tomorrow. You take care.

Thank you! I will be back and forth on the groups.😀👍🌈

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