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Are you getting the BEST health information?

It’s Health Information Week! All this week (3-9 July 2017), you might spot lots of unusual activity going on in and around your local hospital, health centre or local authority offices. It’s all designed to let patients and the public know about where they can find the best, most reliable, quality information about health, in their local area. It’s being done through events, games, hands-on tuition and informative displays.

Health Information Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of health information resources that are available to everyone. In the long-term, it’s about creating healthier, happier communities.

What have you learnt in Health Information Week? What’s your go-to resource for reliable health information? Share your stories with others on the Care Community so we can all learn how to manage chronic conditions, short-term illness and overall health and wellbeing.

It’d be great to hear from you.

Simplyhealth Team

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Nothing going on in our local hospital!


One of my go-to resources for reliable information is the free telephone nurse line sponsored by my health insurance company. They don't give medical advice but offer general information on conditions and diseases. They sometimes give first aid tips and/or advise me to make an immediate visit to an urgent care center or a hospital emergency room.

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Not a lot of use to those of us who are housebound. mailshots would be better. Not all of us can get out to these places at a whim, and so information passes us by.


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