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Afraid to see a doctor

Hi! I'm new here. My name is Cathy and I am 52. I have not been diagnosed with anything yet because I have not been to a doctor. Maybe because I am afraid of what I might hear. My dad died from lung cancer little over seven years ago. Someone read my hand on the day of his funeral, and told me I will died the same way eight years after. I never bothered because I didn't believe. But lately a lot has been happening to me. I am tired quickly, get a lot of pain sometimes in my chest and back, and I keep brining up blood sometimes with mucus on mornings. Also my hair is dropping. I cut it short thinking it will stop. But it didn't. I know I must see a doctor, but I am afraid to go. I have not tell my children anything as yet.

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Hello Cathy here is the solution for you, tell me who lives more than 100 years almost no one, If we get scared of such things and don't show , the things which might be very minor might turn into very complex. So do not get scared, take care of your health, show it to your doctor, improve your life style, and have organic food. Do exercise and do "pranayam" and have great life ahead...


Please go and see a doctor.


Dont be scared. It could be because you have that in your head what that person told you on funeral seeing your hand. I also spit a bit og blood everyday morning while brushing, went to a doc and he said its from sinus and nothing to worry about. Just go to doctor and dont worry about what that person said. Believe me, everything will be alright.