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Cancer and LTD claim


Hey there,

I'm a cancer patient, and I live with my family in Ontario. My cancer is in the first stage, and the treatment is proceeding. Doctors said that it's curable as it's the initial stage. But since last month, I have chronic back pain. Because of that, I had to quit my work in a restaurant. As the daily expenses are increasing, it's challenging to meet everyday needs. Then my wife suggested consulting a lawyer to file an LTD claim(

The main reason for back pain is still not identified. They are in a dilemma whether its the sign of my cancer getting worsen. So. I'm not sure whether the claim will be approved. Next Monday, I have fixed the appointment with the lawyer. Has anyone dealt with a similar case? Please share.


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Here in the US disability claims are electronic thru the Social Security Administration. My initial request and subsequent appeal were both denied. I then hired a disability lawyer, who is legally limited as to compensation/fees. My final appeal was in front of a judge, with the lawyer, which was approved. The entire process took almost a year, and I did receive retroactive benefits.

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