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Cancer Thrivers

Welcome To The Cancer Thriver Community


Welcome to this Health Unlocked community Cancer Thrivers. We are here to share experiences with each other, to teach each other about how we have handled our cancer diagnosis, and to find ways to continue to thrive despite having been touched by cancer.

There are many other communities on Health Unlocked, but they are specific to a type of ailment. This community is available for anyone with any type of cancer or anyone who is a caregiver for a person with cancer.

Being diagnosed with cancer, no matter the type of cancer is a universal experience. The feelings we have, how we must manage our medical care and other people's responses to hearing that we have cancer is the same, no matter what the specific type of cancer we have.

This community, as well as our website at CancerABCs.org and the other Cancer ABCs programs, are available for your use. This community has been started by Joel T Nowak, a Cancer Thriver who has been diagnosed with five different primary cancers, including one that has progressed with a metastatic recurrence.

This community is a place where we can help each other not just be cancer survivors, but be CANCER THRIVERS.


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