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The "Pedaler's Fork" Mindfullness Ride . . . Keeping my head straight!

The "Pedaler's Fork" Mindfullness Ride . . . Keeping my head straight!

I'm going on 13 years as a prostate cancer survivor and I may be just at the very beginning of a recurrence of my prostate cancer. After my surgery in 2003, my PSA dropped into the undetectable range and stayed there for three years. Around 2006, it began to creep up to a range of .02 to .04. Over the past 12 months, it has increased to .06 and then to .07 at my last test in mid-July 2016.

These are small increases and the could easily be nothing more than lab testing errors, but the overall trend is up and I will continue testing and carefully tracking the results every six months. I use the free prostate cancer tracking tool at

Bicycling brings a number of benefits for me. From a physical perspective, it helps keep me fit. It's great cardio and it's an easy way to burn calories. The heart-help benefits are major.

Perhaps even more, it calms my mind. I love the feel of the physical exertion and I don't need to think about anything other than turning over the cranks and getting to the top of that next climb.

The weather doesn't much matter to me. If it's warm, I love the feel of the warm on my body. When it's cool and rainy, I just bundle up and enjoy the sensation of the rain drops on my face.

This photo was taken at Pedalers Fork in Calabasas, California. Its in the middle of great cycling country - if you like hills - and it's a great restaurant. I had a salad:-)

What's your favorite end of ride stopping place?

Allez and be safe!