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Hi. My dad is at wit's end over foot pain and burning. Physio and chiro care over the past month has not helped. He. has not yet been referred to a neurologist in/near Toronto. I will be demanding that his family doctor do so. Does anyone know of a Toronto area neurologist with a specialty in diabetic and/or peripheral neuropathy? And how does one see such a specialist without having to wait months for an appointmnet. My dad is a very strong man who has never complained about anything, so we're extremely worried now that he's saying he'd rather die than endure this pain any longer. Please help if you can. Thanks.

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  • Below is a list of Neurologist willing to take on new patients. Dr. Brill has an extensive background in Diabetic Neuropathy (also known as DPN - diabetic peripheral neuropathy) research. I would try her clinic at TGH first. Dr. Esmail is our chief medical adviser for the Canadian Neuropathy Association.

    I hope this helps.

    Garry Cyr

    President - Canadian Neuropathy Association

    Dr. Peter Ashby

    Professor of Neurology

    Toronto Western Hospital

    399 Bathhurst Street

    Toronto ON M5T 2S8

    Tel: (416) 603-5017

    Fax: (416) 603-5768

    Dr. Pierre Bourque

    Neurosciences & Neurology

    Ottawa Civic Hospital

    1053 Carling Avenue

    Ottawa ON K1Y 4E9

    Tel: (613) 761-5353

    Fax: (613) 761-5360

    Dr. Vera Brill

    Professor of Neurology

    Eaton Wing North 11-209

    Toronto General Hospital

    200 Elizabeth Street

    Toronto ON M5G 2C4

    Tel: (416) 340-3315

    Fax: (416) 340-4189

    Dr. S. G. Esmail - Director *MAB

    Chief of Neurology

    North York General Hospital

    4001 Leslie Street

    Toronto, ON M2K 1E1

    Phone: (416) 756-6000

    Fax: (416) 756-9047


    *Medical Advisory Board


    Clinical Neurological Sciences

    London Health Sciences

    University campus

    Box 5339 Stn A 339 Windermere Road

    London ON N6A 5A5

    Tel: (519) 663-3236

    Fax: (519) 663-3328

    Dr. Elizabeth Pringle

    Neurology Division

    Ottawa General Hospital

    501 Smythe Road

    Ottawa On K1H 8L6

    Tel: (613) 737-8689

    Fax: (613) 737-8857

    Dr. Michael Strong

    Clinical Neurological Sciences

    Room 70F10

    London Health Sciences, University Campus

    PO Box 5339 Stn A 339 Windermere Road

    London ON N6A 5A5

    Tel: (519) 663-3874

    Fax: (519) 663-3609

    Dr. Jiri Vajsar

    Neurology Department

    Toronto Hospital for Sick Children

    555 University avenue

    Toronto ON M5G 1X8

    Tel: (416) 813-5668

    Fax: (416) 813-6334

  • Thank you very very much for your quick and helpful response. Truly appreciated.

  • I too have this issue. I am a care giver. my wife suffers so badly from peripheral breaks my heart to see her cry her feet and hands get number. We need to find a health professional in Victoria or near us who specializes in this. We have tried so many meds and need

    Help us find this important resource...please!

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