Severe idiopathic neuropathy pain

Severe idiopathic neuropathy pain

The best help with my severe nerve pain I have found is Liv/Relief cream...a Canadian product, I have used it for a couple of years and it does take a lot of the burning and pain away...all natural and Gabapentin 1500 mg a day (a lot) Jackie Orr

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  • Creams would not work for me because I would have to apply them to my entire body especially my head and face. Gabapentin makes my balance worst and driving is not an option.

  • Hi, what creams have you tried? The only one that has worked for me is live/relief. Canadian made product...made by a Dr. For his wife, Caspian pepper plus other ingredients it is great for me and other ladies j

  • Hi jackieorr

    I am new to this site and know little of neuropathy but I had to drop in and say what a fabulous photo and how wonderful you look. I hope I do not offend.

    kind regards

  • Hi Yes I am experiencing more pain.I am taking only 100 mgs .My concern is weight gain ,one of the side effects of taking this ,so it states.What is your feeling about this.

    You do look great

  • Hi I am taking 1500 mg for my pain relief is more important than gaining a few lbs. which I less fat foods!

  • Tks for the reply.I have just started taking gab and I only take 100 mg usually at night.It sounds as if I am maybe not taking enough.I really do hate the med.but legs and ankles seem to be getting worse I have coped with this for about five years now and the pain seems to be progressing

  • Ee

  • Hi yes that is what happened to me, It started 29 years ago with tingling in my left leg over the next 20 it was manageable with tylenol, the last 3 years it has gone wild! from a numb left little toe to both feet and burning up my shins to my knees....and I an feel it now mildly past my waist...scared hell yes!! J

  • Do you have access to a group in your area that you can attend for guidance and help? I live in the Vancouver area and there is no group meetings that I know of. I think it would be helpful .

  • I also spend 3 months in Mexico each winter...still have the pain but the weather i is perfect EVERY humidity and no bugs!!

  • No I do not want to hear a group complaining...I go buy my Nuerologist's advice...ry Liv/Relief Canadian made it works for me to calm the burning......Buy it at food stores and drug they have not heard of it get them to google and order in for you. J

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