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Hi there, I'm new here and have a question. Do any of you also suffer blurred vision? That was my first symptom, about 3 months before nerve pain started. I have the numbness, tingling and burning that everyone writes about but I also get electric shocks" in every part of my body, including my face. I just took the visual evoked potential test (no news from my doctor as yet) and am scheduled for the emg test next week. I don't have a diagnoses yet so am curious if this sounds familiar to you?

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I have occasional blurred vision and have to keep closing my eyes until it passes but never thought it was to do with poly neuropathy which has recently been diagnosed. I have had a comprehensive blood test and have raised b6 levels and am researching b6 toxicity has anyone any comments about this. I do not take supplements and one of the websites says that you can be deficient when levels are high because it is not absorbed. Any help with this thread would've appreciated.



have the same blurred vision for many years. could not get rid off.

tried many diets but no help.


I also was b6 toxic and also Vit d deficient. DON’T take b6 supplements. I always took them as I read they were water soluble. I happen to be s person who doesn’t methylate bits very well.


Hello Patmcf1,

I have been diagnosed with SFN and told is idiopathic although I had very low Vit D and very high B6...5 x B6 in my system. This is corrected now but still have the stinging, itching, prickling especially when cold.

I won’t take pregabelin but use magnesium citrate twice a day, lipoic acid and have to take cancer drugs for breast cancer.

I have to manage my symptoms by heating my clothes and wearing thermals under jeans etc especially in the winter. It’s an uphill battle but am going to ask my doctor if I can try a low dose of steroids as I’ve heard this can help. Also heard about Naltrexone being helpful but yet to research and ask doctor about it.

I live in UK and although I have emailed, I don’t get any replies from my neurologist and have given up trying now.

Hope some of this helps. It seems to be a condition that GPS have little knowledge of.

Good luck.



Thanks for all your support, it seems like someone would come up with an answer to this miserable disease.

Dick 80


Yes, my vision was blurred and my eye site had really deteriorated. I now need glasses for both both short and long vision.

I had perfect eyesight before this.


Hello to anyone reading my post today... November 2017

I have been living with Peripheral Neuropathy for over six years now, I have under gone all the tests which most of you Health unlocked followers mention and last week my neurologist basically said there is nothing else she can do for me except keep taking the Pregabalin & pain killers.....left me to be managed by my GP and I have been accepted onto a six session pain management course, which I am looking forward to.....

I suffer from all the typical systems mentioned by PN sufferers such as cramps, prickly, electrical shocks, numbs sensation and cold / hot pain mainly to my feet and legs making walking, driving and sleeping difficult !

The main reason why I am writing today is the post mentioning pain to their eyes..I have asked my GP, Neurologist and Optician.... Is my eye sight, blurred vision and electric pain in my eyeball related to my PN? Not really had a definite answer: mainly shrugs and they say probably! Can anyone spread any light or know more about this symptom, it is very scary, I experience an intense electrical pain in my eye and it can ache for a short period after... it has happened whilst driving which is a worrying experience!

I generally feel positive about my life & my PN condition, I get on the best I can with the limitations this condition bring & try not too mention how tired I am or moan about the pain and discomfort to often !!! My family are considerate and loving & help me if I am in need of it, I try hard not to let my condition hold me back from leading a normal life... BUT I do wish I could do more to help myself !

Not really sure why I have written or even sent this post today !!! I suppose we are all in need of a rant sometimes, when you are learning to live with a condition when the medics seem to have no answers, other than keep popping the pills....

I feel it would be nice to speak to someone who truly understands how you feel, my family are patient and kind which I am truly grateful for but as yet I have not met anyone or spoke with anyone who like me lives every day trying hard to keep their chin up and bear it...

Mrs Moaning M 😊


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