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Post traumatic disorder towards notices since developing tinnitus? please help me


Hello, so I’ve just come back from holiday and find my anxiety is through the roof I haven’t slept one minute through this night and I am in desperate need of some advice. Going to sleep last night I noticed like an engine sound as if you’d hear on a plane and I totally latched to it and can’t stop hearing it . It sent me into complete panic I don’t know what to do it’s all I can hear so much so I can’t even hear my other tinnitus sounds . It sounds so faint like it’s coming from outside or from the other room I’ve just never experienced anything like it before . It actually sounds like someone is playing car racing on console next door .I get ocd on sounds since I’ve developed tinnitus I think it’s a post traumatic thing for me like if I hear an odd sound I’ll focus on it so much and I get so frustrated and feel horrible from it . Has anyone else got any experience with this ? It’s so frustrating because before I went on my holiday my tinnitus wasn’t an issue . Anxiety definitely makes everything worse . I feel like my nervous system is in overdrive

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Hi, have you watched julian cowan hill on you tube he has helped me, he to had tinnitus and his techniques do help, just listening to him gives me hope xxx

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Send the link pls

If you have not been exposed to any sudden load noises i.e. that is if you have to shout to hear someone's conversation less than 2 metres away and it has come on all of a suden, you may had what I have which was a sinus infection that had spread to your middle ear (behind your ear drums). If there is a sense of fullness then this can also cause ringing in the ears. If its a bacterial infection then the doctors can give you a penicillin prescription but if it a virus infection then you will have to wait about 4-6 weeks for it to clear. In the meantime, try breathing in steam morning and night with a couple of drops of Olbas oil and use a hot compress (one that you can put in the microwave like the ones used for muscle damage) and hold against your ears to loosen up the catarrh. Also keep your mouth open as this opens up the Eustacian tubes to allow the catarrh to drain out. Have a look at what is in your diet, a lot of B vitamins especially B3, B6 and B12 relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and make sure that you are also getting the recommended levels of magnesium and zinc in your diet as these fight off viral infections (look on Internet for foods which contain this). Also cut down, on sugar, salt and saturated fat in your diet where this reduces the blood pressure which is turn may reduce the pressure the blood vessels around your auditory nerve. Although I am not a medical practioner, it might be that the area around the audtory nerve from your cochlea is inflamed and the combination of these blood vessels may be pressing on these to cause that signal that is the ringing in your ears you are hearing. It is worth a try to see if this works.

At night to mask out the tinnitus, use sound replacement therapy and there are plenty of free apps that produce white or brown noise. You only need to have the volume at slightly above the sound of the tinnitus otherwise this will keep you awake but could also use a sound pillow if you don't want to wear ear plus in bed (Hearing Direct sell these where you can plug into the audio jack on a mobile phone or MP3 player).

The symptoms I had a few weeks ago have now eased although not gone away completely but I can now get a good night's sleep but having said that, I do not notice it at all during the day even when it is quiet. Relaxation and exercise are also key to reducing stress levels.

I saw my GP when I was in this position - to get help with the sleep - I constantly hear a construction site. It could be linked with flying?

I was diagnosed with PTSD 7 years prior to developing tinnitus - therapy made the biggest difference in my day to day management.

Ironically driving my car or catching a train is now the best distraction from the tinnitus.

Thanks everyone for your kind advice . Does anyone else suffer from being so aware of sounds around you or I’d like a car alarm goes off for awhile you can almost still hear it when it’s gone off ?

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