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Horrific "T" but life must go on

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I am 57 and I have had the dreaded "T" for almost 7 years now and I have been through all the emotions from sheer panic when it first started to shear desperation now. I have constant high pitched sound in my head that cancels almost everything else out and I can even hear it over "in ear" masking sounds. My only relief is when I am sufficiently distracted through work, other activity or drunk. The moment I try to relax, take some quite time or sleep the sound goes into overdrive. It has affected every aspect of my life and of course my poor long suffering wife who is probably fed up with me being miserable at bed time or moaning about the incredible sound firing off in my head. It would be very easy to just end it all but, I have learned to be more resilient than that in life and, I have so much to live for plus I could not be that selfish. Also, to put things in perspective a good friend of mine also 57, active and fit has just been diagnosed with Cat 4 brain tumour with 2 years life expectancy. "T" is awful, and with out doubt, if severe enough, forces many changes into your life but, it is not a terminal illness. The "T" battle is with your self, always. I really, really hope though that a cure is found soon

6 Replies

Hi London

I am 58 and had T for about 5 years, like your self have gone through some really bad times, even now T is really trying to grab on I really hate it.

Last year I went through some heart problems A F which is atrial fibrillation so to help I had a cardio fusion, which is an electric shock to the heart to reboot the ticker also I'm on blood thinners and heart monitoring meds, so far so good.

I can share my heart probs with others around me, but when it comes to T no ones understandse I'm by my self.

Mate I really hope there is a cure some day, don't have bad thoughts try and stay positive.

Al the best


Hi hang in thare I know it very hard but stay possative thare a lot of good people on hear to support you



I’m sorry that you are really struggling with tinnitus as I have been through exactly what you have described.

When my tinnitus initially began or actually when it was at its worst, I thought how can anyone live with this. I’ll go mad I thought. Or I’ll have to jump off my balcony. I thought nothing could be worse than tinnitus.

But once you stop thinking these types of thoughts and other more positive thoughts you can eventually control your response to tinnitus. Once you control your response, you can become habituated and will only occasionally be aware of your tinnitus.

Because it’s your hyper awareness as well that is making you suffer.

I literally started talking (not aloud) to my tinnitus. I would tell it that it wouldn’t bother me or make me anxious, that I was still in charge of what will make me anxious, etc.

I am a very anxious person so I never thought I could conquer this. But I did. And you can too. This may sound simplistic but it worked for me and it can work for you. But you also must believe you can conquer your reaction to your tinnitus. Eventually you will only occasionally be aware you have it.

I hope this has been helpful.



I feel your pain I'm 61 for 3yr i been going through hell with this noise i my head.today it got even louder,so i push though i been retire for 12yr i try to stay busy. Long as I'm working outside or doing something I forget about it for a while but night is pure hell. I even have hearing aids with music which don't work at all. Hoping for a miracle someday.


Hello London 20

Same age as me. 57!! I have had my T for 4 years. With some hyperacusis in the mix. I can share your pain as can most of the people who are on this forum. Not much more than I can add to other people's comments. T is a right bugger and weaves its way into every corner of your life. I hope and pray that they find a cure for it. Lots of people have crosses to bear but T is a particularly heavy one.

I truly hope that you find some way to lessen the burden.

Wishing you peace and quiet.



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